Amazon Prime Veterans Discounts

**Update (November 5th, 2021)**

I felt it was necessary to update this article because of the amount of hate I was receiving in the comments. Getting called dishonest, and a whole lot of other flack–honestly, it has been disappointing to see how entitled so many vets were regarding this discount, and how angry they got about this whole ordeal–I expected better from our community.

That being said, I'm David Pere, not Jeff Bezos, I do not own Amazon, and I do not have any control over their programs. Amazon decided NOT to bring back their discount this year.

I repeat this discount is currently off the table, and I will update again if/when it becomes available again.

In the meantime, I urge you to treat people better, and not get so wrapped around saving a couple of dollars here and there…focus on building wealth, it is a much more effective way to spend your time.

On that note, here are a couple of great resources for any service members or veterans looking to improve their financial situation:

Our “Start Here” page is a great place to begin 🙂

Here are my go-to resources for achieving financial freedom, and getting plugged into the community!

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Original article

Amazon Prime Veterans DiscountsAmazon Prime Veterans Discounts will hopefully be available again this year for Amazon Prime members who are Veterans, active-duty service members, and members of the Guard and Reserve are expected to receive a one-year Amazon Prime membership for $79 in 2021, saving them $40 off the normal price. If you're using an account, you can save money by renewing your Amazon Prime membership.

It is most likely the world's largest company. This year, Amazon Prime is expected to announce a significant military discount for Veterans Day 2021. Because of the way licenses and royalties operate, Amazon Prime Video and Radio are normally only available in the United States. But don't worry, you can always sign up for Amazon Prime and get the biggest Amazon Prime discount.

Along with Facebook, Google, and Apple, this latest amazon prime discount 2021 is considered one of the “Huge Four.” You will save $40 on Amazon Prime (November 6 – November 11, 2021). You should sign up for Amazon Prime to get free Amazon delivery, and you should do so right away because you'll want to take advantage of the new Amazon Prime Veterans Discounts. E-mail to get the best price.

Types of Amazon Prime Veterans Discounts

On Veterans Day, there is no special Amazon Prime military discount. In just about any case, military personnel can save money in various ways by using Amazon for some of their shopping needs.

Amazon Prime Military shipping is one of the most popular features for members. When you are stationed internationally, the two-day delivery guarantee guarantees that your goods easily hit your friends and family.

Along with the amazon military prime discount, a growing number of military personnel are opting for an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of Amazon Veterans Day discounts and special deals. When all factors are considered, the advantages of a Prime membership are considerable. Send an email to to gain access to the exclusive discount.

Veteran Discount for Amazon Prime 

If you're tired of paying a monthly subscription for something you're not sure you'll use every now and then, you may want to try a free trial with Amazon Prime Veterans in 2021.

Did you know that Amazon Prime memberships come with a 30-day free trial period? There are no surprises to be found. You should try out the membership for a month to see if it's right for you. If you don't think you'll need it enough, you could always cancel before the deadline. You can save up to $13 a month if you like it if you subscribe for one month.

Amazon Prime Membership Discount

From Nov. 6-11, Amazon is pleased to give $40 off one year of Prime membership to all Veterans and active military personnel as part of a special Veterans Day celebration to honor those who have served in the United States military. They will get a bargain on Amazon membership.

Amazon Prime Membership Discount 2021

Sign in to your Amazon account or create a new account after tapping the above connection. You'll be requested to verify your military assistance at that stage.

  • For Veterans and Active Military: $79 Amazon Prime

If you're a Prime member, this purchase will extend your membership for another year.

  • Veteran or active military? Save $40 on your Amazon Prime membership

Spend $40 on your Amazon Prime membership. For $79. This strong military markdown gives you access to more than 20 Amazon Prime benefits for some time.

Furthermore, instead of paying $119 upfront for a year, you can pay $12.99 per month on a month-to-month basis. In terms of savings, paying for the whole year upfront saves you $156 over the course of a year at the monthly rate of $12.99. If you enjoy veteran content, take advantage of Prime's free trial during the holidays or when famous shows are published, then cancel if you don't want to use the subscription to its full extent.

Also, Amazon Prime Video and Radio is widening its horizons to include military personnel. Previously, the packages were only available to consumers in the United States; now, Amazon is seeking to extend the subscription to include members from other countries.

Amazon Prime Features

Amazon Prime currently has over 80 million subscribers and continues to expand. The advantages of getting a Prime record are almost infinite. Aside from free, aided delivery, the membership also provides free movie streaming, free books, and unrestricted photo storage. The easiest way to save money is to take advantage of a Prime membership. The program started as a high-end way to get free and fast delivery. Regardless, it has since expanded to include a variety of services.

You may also check out Amazon's Veterans Day Sale, which provides Veterans Day Savings: 20% or More Discount.

What are all the features of Amazon Prime?

Read below to find amazon prime features:

1.    Same-day delivery is free.

Members that meet all conditions can expect free same-day delivery on over a million unique products located in the commercial center. You'll need to collect at least $35 for particular products. Prime Now, which is only available in a few locations, can also guarantee delivery in a couple of hours.

2.    Exclusive Prime Now deliveries are available.

The Prime Now feature, which is a newer feature of Amazon Prime, allows customers to shop from early morning to late night, all week, and receive delivery within two hours for no cost. Restaurant orders are fulfilled within an hour of being ordered.

3.    Visa Signature Card with Amazon Prime Rewards.

Members will earn 5% back on items purchased at or Whole Foods with this pass. Non-members will still get the card, but they will only get 3% back. The money saved can be used for a variety of things, like groceries.

4.    You can get Gas and food refund.

You will also get 2% back at gas stations and restaurants, in addition to Whole Foods. Any other transaction on the card earns you 1% cashback. The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card does not require a yearly fee. No outside transaction costs are also a plus for military personnel. Visit to learn more about the card.

5.    Instant access to video streaming.

Amazon Prime is almost similar to Netflix in that it offers online streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Amazon original series such as “Jack Ryan,” “Homecoming,” and “The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel” is now available for streaming.

6.    Prime Music included with a subscription.

Members will have instant access to music streaming by Prime Music, in addition to unlimited video streaming. The ad-free content features over one million tracks as well as thousands of playlists and radio stations.

7.    Boundless photograph storage.

Your computerized photographs will be stored in Prime Photos' distributed storage. An unlimited number of images can be stored on Amazon Cloud Drive.

8.    Free books

If you want anything other than TV or music, you can get access to more than 800,000 digital book titles for your Kindle. Prime members are entitled to order one title per month, with no deadline. Members also would be able to take advantage of Kindle First pre-releases.

9.    First access to Amazon Lightning Deals.

Did you guys know that Registered users get access to exclusive Lightning Deals 30 minutes before the general public? Shoppers can save money on a variety of things, including innovative products.

10.  Amazon Family features more savings.

Military personnel with small children can enjoy the 20% discount on diapers. There are a variety of other children's items available at a 15% discount.

11.  Amazon Prime Overseas Availability

Previously, Amazon Prime was only open to citizens of the United States. Regardless, the organization has been working to broaden its horizons in general, especially when it comes to supporting the United States military.

Amazon Prime Military also provides video streaming and radio in a variety of places around the world. This extravagance for military personnel has been made possible by new licensing and royalty legislation.

Amazon Prime Military plans currently fund members serving in Afghanistan, Japan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Turkey, and Romania. The organization also confirmed that it expects to broaden its activities to include more military elements in the future.

It is prescribed that you sign up first for a free preliminary

You can save on the first month regardless of whether you know you'll need Prime for the entire year. There are no secret commitments for the 30-day free preliminary if you drop before it expires.

The No B.S. Guide to Military Life

Amazon discounts Prime subscriptions by $40 for veterans

There are two distinct programs for installments. You can pay by the month and cancel at any time. The new rate is $12.99 a month. For a year, you can expect to pay about $156. By opting for a yearly membership in advance, you can save about $37 per year. Right now, the annual cost is $119. Veterans will also get a $40 discount on Amazon Prime subscriptions.

There's also the option of skipping the free shipping and only getting Amazon Prime Video. Per month, the subscription costs $8.99. Students who can show they are already enrolled in school are eligible for a free half-year trial, followed by a monthly payment of $6.49. A similar discount is available to residents who are on government assistance.

Don't forget to order our book in order to learn more tricks of the Military Millionaire trade!

Here is a more comprehensive list of military discounts!

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45 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Veterans Discounts”

  1. Allen Heersink

    I was charged $119 for 2021 subscription to Amazon Prime. How do I get charges changed to $79?

    1. In nov if you sign up for it- it extents your subscription one year past when your current year ends- so you don’t lose anything it just means your buying farther ahead

    2. Gail Patrick Varner

      I paid $119 + 9.82 tax (128.82) for my Amazon Prime membership fee for 2021 on my Visa ending in xx7259 on 2/24/21 (date of charge). I am veteran of the U.S. Air
      Force with an honorable discharge. I would like to get the $40 discount off of the $119 I paid for this year and following years if I’m available any future years. Thank you.

  2. I just chatted with an Amazon rep. She said there was no military discount available for Prime membership

  3. Can I sign up for a Veterans prime account? I am a 90 percent disabled gulf war veteran since 2019, pending 12 claims I will likely be 100 percent disabled before the end of this year. If so, how do
    I do this, and do I need to send in my veteran’s affairs disability letter?
    Thank you, Thank you for your time and reply.

  4. Dusty Dahlstrom

    For Veteran’s Day Weekend 2021, Amazon will not be pursuing a Prime Military or Veteran discount offer this year, given this was a one-time offer in 2019. Nevertheless, you can refer to the many other initiatives across Amazon that aim to support veteran and active duty members at

    If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us back.

    To contact us, please go to: and sign in.

  5. Mr. Pere,

    Your “Weird, I’ll look into this…” is a strange response, given that you authored the article. So, it’s been a few months and no update from you. Is there or isn’t there a discount on Amazon’s prime membership?

    Thank you

    1. Well, when I authored it they did…so that was weird.

      I apologize for not responding, I’ve been transitioning out of the military and moving across the country, etc. It does not appear as though that discount is offered anymore, sorry.

      1. Mr Pere, you said you’ve “gotten it the last 2 or 3 years?” That’s impossible. Not only impossible but you’re dishonest with people who think you tell the truth on other subjects as well.
        Amazon offered it only 1 time. They started it in 2019 & it’s the only time they had it. In 2020 they did not have it, an Amazon rep told me it’s because of coronavirus & they will try to offer it in 2021. When I found your article, I believed you. As others have.
        With me being a vet, an avid Amazon user, on a budget & my membership fees due every November, I look for this before I pay my Nov fees.
        Mr Pere, this website describes you as : “David Pere is an active duty Marine, who devotes his free time to helping service members, veterans, and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance!”
        If you’re dishonest about getting an Amazon discount for 2 or 3 years when it was only offered 1 year, how can anything else you write have credibility?
        I will remember your name David Pere & skip over any articles written by you.

        1. Honestly, the fact that you jump to claiming “dishonesty” instead of recognizing I don’t control Amazon, and wrote this article after receiving a discount that I wanted to tell people about (then they decided not to do it again)…and really just the way you handled this conversation in general, instead of looking at all of the things I do to help people, or assuming I meant well, just tells me that I’m not missing out by you passing over my articles. have a great day, and hopefully your mindset becomes more abundant and kind with age 🙂

        2. Hi Jake. Just a quick comment – if you took the time to do a little research on your own (Google?) you’d see MANY other websites were waiting on Amazon to make a decision about this discount up until the last minute. It’s sad that a man’s integrity is being questioned over an article for an Amazon discount he has no control over. I know David’s reputation in the REI level and the work he does to help military and veterans – he is 100% the real deal.

          1. Thank you very much for the kind words Jenn! I almost pulled this post down because of how angry some people are getting, but this article gets more searches on Google than anything I’ve ever posted, so I can only hope that some of the people reading it will find some of the other free resources helpful, haha

  6. This was obviously a ploy to make the communists at Amazon appear to have some semblance of patriotism. When they found out that people were actually taking their lies seriously, they crawfished on the deal.

  7. Charles W. Stankiewicz

    I just got off the phone with Amazon and they said they don’t have the discount again this year. They haven’t offered it since 2019 and as far as they understand there will not be another in the foreseeable future.

  8. Don’t you think you should update the first paragraph of your article to say that a Veteran’s discount for 2021 has not been announced yet?

    There was not one in 2020, and the 2019 discount was announced on Nov. 6, 2019, according to other sources.

  9. Thank you David for your research intended to help your brothers and sisters in arms. For those of us who are disappointed with the fact Amazon is not offering the discount again, speak with your wallet. Amazon is a business and money is the bottom line. Discontinue your membership. The one time perk for veterans was simply a business decision to increase their membership base and hope the veterans who joined would remain. There was no patriotism involved. Make the decision that is most beneficial to you. There are many options available that have no additional cost. Once again, thank you David and blessings on your transition.

    1. Rich, I really appreciate this comment. Thank you for understanding that I meant well with this article, and have no control over what Amazon does (or not), haha. I agree with your thought process and call to action completely!

  10. Show that you care about their bottom line as much as they care about your service. There are better ways to shop and watch TV. In reality, you do not have to renew your membership.

  11. Mr. Jake,

    You’re actually what’s wrong with Americans these days. Generally speaking when someone writes to help it comes from a place of personal experience and a good heart, wanting to share with others. Next time instead of jumping to judgement, perhaps take out your financial woes elsewhere. All too often these days when the few good people continue to do good deeds it gets ruined by entitled Americans, often leading to those good deeds coming to an end. After all who wants to hear from the likes of someone like you? We need more of those good deeds and far less of entitled rudeness. Please seek therapy. I know the VA isn’t the best but it’s better than what you’re clearly doing now.


    1. Thank you Navyia! It has been pretty frustrating to see the comments on this post when I was just trying to help. This isn’t the type of content I normally write, but suffice it to say I will not be posting articles about veteran discounts anymore, haha

  12. While it still amazes me how upset people get at someone for trying to help another person, it doesn’t surprise me. Every single time I go to the VA, where I receive my medical care, I am blown away by how many people (veterans) are so angry at everyone around them to include the staff, other veterans, their own family, and even the shuttle drivers and valets. I have often wondered what happened in these peoples lives on such a large scale that made them treat the people around them so bad, especially someone trying to make that person’s day or life a little bit better. So sad.

    1. Agreed, I am (unfortunately) reminded quite frequently that the very veterans who call people entitled…act very entitled themselves. I want to tell some of them, “ooooh, you served? Big deal, so did everyone else on this platform, you aren’t special. Stop being a prick” haha.

  13. Why do people put this crap on the internet, then after finding out it isn’t true, the idiots just leave it there. Did Amazon pay this asshole to post it?

    1. Well, I edited the post in order to reflect the real answer once they decided not to do it this year. Pretty sure I made that VERY clear by the MASSIVE bolded update at the top of the post. I didn’t remove it because Google seems to punish websites when they delete blog posts that are popular, so rather I made the update, and linked to other awesome free resrouces.

      No, Amazon didn’t pay me. Why would they pay somebody to post an article speculating about a discount that they opted not to have?

      Finally, given your language/context in this comment I think “asshole” might be more of a personal inflection than an adjective for the author. Perhaps you should look at your life, and find some things to be grateful for, I promise it is more productive than getting this angry about something as silly as paying the same amount as everyon else for a valuable service…

  14. Personally I don’t think Veterans feel they’re entitled to ANYTHING and the shot taken at them is undeserved especially from one of our own! However I do think that it’s the least these gargantuan companies can do is honor the women and men who put their lives on the line everyday to protect the freedoms of but also the TRILLIONS of dollars that we give them anyway with our purchasing power by doing us a “favor” and offering the generous discount of on average 5-10% what a way to open the wallet!

    1. You must not have read the comments, or seen the hate emails I received…I was responding to the people who were acting very entitled, and going out of their way to personally attack me and my team over a discount at a platform we have no control over.

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