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how to wholesale real estate
Real Estate Investing

How to Make $5,000 A Month Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling Real Estate Definition Wholesaling real estate is the act of getting a property under contract for a low enough price that you can sell it to someone else for profit. Occasionally you can find these deals listed on the

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Personal Finance

Emergency Fund How Much Do You Need?

Emergency Fund – How Much Do You Need? Chances are you’ve heard about emergency funds before. If you’ve done any research towards getting out of debt, financial freedom, or finances in general…I’m sure they were mentioned. The question is, how

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Real Estate Investing – How to Host an Event!

Why you should host an event Real Estate Investing is a people business. If there aren’t any great real estate meetups in your area you should host an event yourself! It takes a little time, and you’ll make some mistakes…I

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What Does a Property Manager Do

What Does a Property Manager Do You need to decide if you want to self-manage rental properties or hire a property manager. In order to help you decide I want to walk you through a property manager job description, how

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Personal Finance

Credit Cards for Military Millionaires

Credit Cards For Military Millionaires Why am I writing an article about credit cards for military millionaires? Because I postponed applying for the AMEX Platinum (scroll down to learn about this card) for way too long. This credit card has

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You don’t have to buy a house

Buying a House is Not Always A Wise Investment. Anonymous: “If I paid $4,500 a month for my mortgage…and will owe $20,000 when I sell the house…how did I win here? Me: “You didn’t sir.” This is not a fun

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5 Non-Traditional Ways to Invest in Real Estate

It’s not uncommon for people to hesitate to invest in real estate because they don’t believe they could qualify to carry an extra mortgage, and they haven’t saved up a big enough down payment. And yes, most traditional mortgage lenders

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