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Buying Vs. Renting in the military

Buying Vs. Renting in the military During our time in the military, and life in general, we will have the opportunity to live in many different places. This provides some unique opportunities that might be otherwise unavailable if we stay

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Pay yourself first!

Pay Yourself First! Paying yourself first is a concept that I first read about in “The Richest Man in Babylon” By George Samuel Clason. The idea is that you must put 10% of your earnings away for investing BEFORE doing

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Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt

Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt Isn’t all debt bad? NO! I operated under this delusion for many years, but thankfully, I saw the light a couple of years ago! Had I still believed this I probably wouldn’t own even one

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Life-hack your way to an efficient life!

Easy to learn “Life-hack” skills Have you ever looked at somebody else and been amazed at how much they can accomplish in a day? It may seem that some people have more hours in the day, or don’t sleep, but

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