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Personal Finance

Emergency Fund How Much Do You Need?

Emergency Fund – How Much Do You Need? Chances are you’ve heard about emergency funds before. If you’ve done any research towards getting out of debt, financial freedom, or finances in general…I’m sure they were mentioned. The question is, how

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Personal Finance

Credit Cards for Military Millionaires

Credit Cards For Military Millionaires Why am I writing an article about credit cards for military millionaires? Because I postponed applying for the AMEX Platinum (scroll down to learn about this card) for way too long. This credit card has

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Personal Finance

Can You Avoid Being Your Kids’ Bank ATM?

An entrepreneur, author and mom, Joanne writes about all things money at and   It’s barely February, but organized parents are already booking – and planning how they’ll pay – for summer camps, sports activities, private lessons and

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Are You Brave Enough to Deployment Hack?

The Deployment Hack Explained Last week I was recording a podcast with Joe Alvarez (Episode 11) and we coined the phrase deployment hack. This hack could earn you thousands of dollars if done properly! Premise We all know the military lifestyle is

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$1,000 Grow Your Dough Throwdown!

Courtesy of Jeff Rose! What is the $1,000 Grow Your Dough Throwdown? The Grow Your Dough Throwdown is a challenge for YouTubers in the personal finance community. We will take $1,000 of our own money and invest it in our

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The Blended Retirement System

Blended Retirement System I know the new Blended Retirement System (BRS) has frustrated some people. I’m going to show you how awesome this can be for young service members. The dollar value of the 5% matching contribution is $178.19 your

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Definition of Wealth
Personal Finance

Definition of Wealth | How Do We Define Rich?

The Definition of Wealth, and Why it is Important! I have heard the definition of wealth stated in many different ways. I wrote this as an essay for college and thought it would be worth sharing with you as well.

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