Current Projects

Mixed-Use Commercial / Residential

-Asking price: $3,000,000
-Purchase: $2,795,000
-Down payment: $150k (w/partner)
-Seller finance: $1,645,000 (at 4% interest)
-Rehab estimate: $minimal/ongoing
-Current appraisal: $3,300,000
-avg cash-flow: $6k (estimate) ~$15k room to grow

Work to be done

-New roof and gutters (paid by seller)
-Complete four Air BnB units (paid by seller)
-Expand Escape Room tenant (paid by seller)
-Update kitchen for the new tenant: $10-15k
-Purchase additional coin laundry units: $2-6k

Work in progress

-Air BnB construction
-Updated Evac system (completed)
-Improve efficiency of building

Springfield Flip

2/1 Single Family House (flip)

-Asking price: (off market)
-Purchase: $11,900
-Down payment: $11,900
-Seller finance: $0
-Rehab estimate: $50,000
-After Repair Value (estimate): $95,000
-Avg cash-flow: N/A

Work to be done

-Remodel kitchen, living room, bathrooms, landscaping

-Turn 2/1 into 3/2 by building master suite in current attic space.

Work in progress

-Demo and Design work!

-Remodel almost complete, appliance install, and inspections!

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