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I’ve been fortunate to be featured on some really great shows!

I’m a big believer in sharing VALUE with every audience I get to present to! Even though I’ve been honored to appear as a guest on many podcasts, I work very hard to deliver unique, valuable content to your audience. I’m happy to share compelling stories and experiences – but I truly thrive when sharing real, actionable advice for your audience.

Here are some of the notable shows that I’ve had the opportunity to be featured on (so far). Click on a show to listen.


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Top 7 reasons why we should collaborate:

#1: I promote my guest appearances heavily.

I have a combined audience of over 250k followers. I LOVE sharing all my appearances with my audience – and they love catching me in the media and around the web – wherever I may be. I see promoting your show to my audience as a BIG win-win!

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#2: Already well-versed in the podcast world

You can listen to my interviews above. I’ve appeared on The BiggerPockets Podcast, Best Ever Show, The Real Estate Syndication podcast, The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast (FOUR TIMES), and many more. I also have my own podcast.

#3: Professionally Trained Speaker

As a trained speaker, I bring well-articulated thoughts, and a commanding presence. And I have no problem being 100% transparent about my wins, and losses throughout this journey. You won’t find a more easy-going, open, and congruent guest for your podcast!

#4: My audio sounds great.

Ever interview a guest who sounds like they’re in the next restroom stall over? Yeah… me too. I’m an audio nerd and I’m going to make sure I sound terrific for you.

#5: I come prepared!

Podcaster to podcaster, I know you’re busy. Need a bio you can just grab and read? No problem. I’ve got four different versions for you. Need photos? Check. A bunch of questions you can use? Got that too! I’ve got a full media kit for you on this page.

#6: We may be able to trade interviews

My audience is mostly service members and veterans looking to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. If you’re a veteran, and you’ve got some great tips or suggestions in this genre, I’d love to have you on my show. We are the only show of our kind on the market!.

#7: I’m an open book.

Ask me anything you’d like, and I will bring as much value as humanly possible to answering that question. Also, I am great off the cuff, so you don’t have to worry about any intensive pre-interview prep work!

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