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Real Estate Investing course

This course teaches everything you need to know in order to buy your first rental property!

The War Room RE Mastermind

The War Room Real Estate Mastermind Group is 100% Service members and Veterans!

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An Investor-Friendly Realtor

As a realtor, and investor, I understand that I am a rare breed. That is why I want to help you find a realtor that understands investing, and is able to help you meet your goals!

VA Loan Expert

I got burned by the first lender I ever used because he didn't understand the VA loan. Don't let that happen to you, I am happy to connect you with my network of solid, Vetted VA lenders

A Hard Money Lender

A hard money lender can be an invaluable asset if you need funding ASAP to close a deal. Let us connect you with a hard money lender to fit your needs!

Premium Resources!

Prop Stream Logo

Propstream is the premier way to find deals, and pull comparable deals to determine your ARV!

They have more data, more features, and investor tools than any other product or service on the market. 

I love their platform for pulling lists and comps! 

Investor Carrot

Investor Carrot is an incredible platform for real estate investors!

They specialize in building websites for investors to help them rank on Google, and drive leads into their funnel.

They even have an option where they will write blog posts for you!

My Carrot website was easy to setup and started generating leads very quickly!

REsimpli - real estate investing CRM

REsimpli is the best way to track your leads for off-market deals. 

I have used a few Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and REsimpli is by far the best one for real estate investing!

Give It a shot today, risk-free, with their 30-day money-back guarantee!

Ballpoint Marketing Affiliate

Ballpoint Marketing is THE best direct mail marketing platform I’ve ever used. 

Seriously, my first batch of mailers with them earned me over $30,000 in net profit!

Don’t sleep on Ballpoint marketing, test them out today!


Deal Machine is the best Driving for Dollars app out there. 

If you plan to drive around your area looking for homes to market to, this is the platform for you. 

I used to roll around Hawaii using this app with a friend every weekend!

Simply drive by a house, snap a picture, and BAM you’re sending them automated mailouts!


Buildium is an American property management software. 

If you’re going to self-manage your rental properties, then you definitely owe it to yourself to try this 15-day trial and see how much Buildium can help you!


Earn a free stock (for both of us) when you sign up for Robinhood in order to begin trading stocks! 

I received a free share of Ford stock, just for signing up! 

This app makes it really simple to get started investing in the stock market!

Webull affiliate


Earn 2 Free Stocks (valued up to $1,600) when you sign up and deposit $100 into your account!

I have received several $40 stocks through their referral program.

This platform is great for people who want legitimate data to evaluate their investments! 

Personal Capital

As you build more income streams and become more wealthy, it becomes paramount to have a central location to be able to see everything! 

Personal Capital is a free service that allows you to track savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement accounts, mortgages, car payments, and every account you can think of. 


Becoming a member through this code should let you download your first book for free! 

Listening to audio books has changed my life. 

As of January, 2021 I have listened to 209 books on the Audible app!


MileIQ has saved me THOUSANDS of dollars this year. This is a simple application for your phone that tracks all of your mileage in the car. 

At the end of a drive you swipe left/right for personal/business driving, and it keeps a tab of your mileage for your tax return!

Zoom logo

Zoom is a must for building your network.

I use Zoom to record all of my podcast episodes, Mastermind calls, Facebook live, YouTube live, coaching calls, etc.

This is an incredible platform for hosting video calls and sharing your screen with anybody.

Absolutely recommended for any entrepreneurs!

My Recommended Reading List!

I used to belong to the crowd of people that says they “hate reading.” I have since learned that the truth is I just hadn’t read anything life-changing yet!

One day a friend talked me into reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and everything changed.

Since that time, I have listened to at least two books every month and read one or two, as well. I even took a three-hour course in order to increase my reading comprehension and speed! One might say I have become obsessed with reading personal development and investing books.

It is so bad that I don’t like people commuting with me because it detracts from my time to listen to podcasts and Audible!

For this reason, I decided to compile this list of some of the books that have helped me the most along this journey. This list will be updated as I find more books worthy of being on the list!

*disclaimer* The links below are affiliate links, but I believe in these books so much I know you won’t regret reading them!

Mindset and Personal Development

The No B.S. Guide to Military Life

Of course I had to put my own book here!

If you’re considering joining the military, or already serve, and want to make the most out of your career while building passive income for after your service ends, this book is a must-read. With over 260 pages of in-depth advice, The No Bullshit Guide to Military Life is the book I wish existed when I joined the military. The tools and tricks in this book can literally earn you millions of dollars, and help you build enough passive income to retire, without ever having to work again!

This is the first book I recommend to anybody! This book set me on a life-changing course, and I consider it responsible for all of the other investment books I have read. I could talk about this book for a long time, but just go read it!

This book is the reason I wake up at 0400 every morning. I started doing the steps in this book last year and became much more productive throughout the year. I recommend this for anybody who doesn’t know where to start with a morning routine or personal development strategy!

I like this book because it discusses the mindset of paying yourself first in a simple, comprehensive way. This book is the reason I have a large allotment set aside to fund my business every month. I recommend this book to anybody looking to put more money away for future investments!

Good to Great is a book that analyzes successful businesses, and what separates them from the less successful companies. It digs deep into what it takes to be a “Level five leader” and makes some very applicable points!

The Like Switch is written by a former FBI agent who’s job was convincing foreign spies, to turn and spy on their nation for the United States. He did this through non-verbal communication, and this book is a MUST for getting people to like you, and be friendly with you, utilizing non-verbal cues!

The 10X rule is all about thinking big, bigger, and biggest! I love this book because it is responsible for me buying 50 units last year instead of just the three I had originally set as a goal. This book is perfect for anybody looking to 10X their investing, productivity, or life!

Real Estate Investing

This was one of the first real-estate-specific books I ever read. I purchased my first real estate investment property within three months of reading this book! 

I recommend this book to anybody wanting to earn cash flow and passive income through real estate investing.

This is a must read for anybody in the military. Whether you know it or not, the odds are you will become a long-distance real estate investor (or owner) in the military. 

This book is a great resource for anybody that finds themselves out of state, which will be most military investors at some point.

This book is what got me to understand the power of leverage. It also helped me understand that not having money was just an excuse. I have used a lot of the methods discussed in this book, and am even used as an example in the second edition!. 

Talk about a powerful concept, and a book that will more than pay for itself!

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of this book, and it is amazing! I highly recommend this to anybody looking to invest in single-family homes!

I read this book at the early stages of my journey to become a millionaire real estate investor. I recommend this book for every entry-level real estate investor!

It is clear that Gary has extensive knowledge about the real estate world, and he shares some great investment knowledge in this book!

I recommend this book after completing your first deal, when you’re looking to grow your portfolio in the future!


Set for Life is a personal finance book designed around real estate investing. The first chapter discusses financial decisions in a light I hadn’t seen before. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anybody just starting out. This book is great for helping you learn to save and build more capital right away!

Tim Ferriss is a genius of ingenuity! This book is life-changing in the way it teaches efficiency. I use a lot of the principles in this book to streamline my life, and I need to revisit it another time to become even more efficient. I recommend this to anyone starting a business, starting a side hustle, or simply looking to accomplish more in less time!

This book saved me $3,000 the same month I read it!!!

This is an excellent book about negotiating, and a lot of the techniques it teaches are instantly applicable to negotiating deals! I recommend this book to anyone that plans to write a lot of offers in order to increase their initial profit!

The 80/20 Principle, also known as Pareto’s Principle, is a great book to help you become more efficient and effective. This book explains that 80% of the results you receive will come from 20% of the effort. Another way to look at this is that 80% of your profit will come from 20% of your product. By recognizing these patterns, you are able to get ride of the 80% of crap that isn’t producing results. This will allow you to streamline your life and put your efforts into the things that really matter!

This book is a classic, and rightfully so. This is a great book to understand the basic principles of networking. Networking can make your life so much easier. A good network will help you improve on a daily basis and can be the difference between success and failure in a lot of endeavors. For this reason, I absolutely recommend this book for anybody that isn’t very good at networking.

This is an excellent (and fun) book for anybody that desires to become a more proficient writer. It will take you from the basics to writing proficient blog posts and online content. It will even teach you how to write for different social media platforms in order to help you become more effective at getting your message across in every platform. I recommend this for anybody that hated writing in high school (like me) but needs to improve now!

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Need Help Finding…

An Investor-Friendly Realtor

As a realtor, and investor, I understand that I am a rare breed. That is why I want to help you find a realtor that understands investing, and is able to help you meet your goals!

VA Loan Expert

I got burned by the first lender I ever used because he didn't understand the VA loan. Don't let that happen to you, I am happy to connect you with my network of solid, Vetted VA lenders

A Hard Money Lender

A hard money lender can be an invaluable asset if you need funding ASAP to close a deal. Let us connect you with a hard money lender to fit your needs!

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