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VA Home-Buyer Referral Program

Want to use your VA loan benefits but worried you might get an inexperienced realtor?

Our team will connect you with the top VA realtor and VA lender in your area at no additional cost to you!

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Simon Falkenberg testimonial

Simon Purchased a Condo in Hawaii for $285k that appraised for $365k at closing!

David is a great judge of character recommending Kina to me, it was my first time buying a home and she was able to answer all my questions and helped me feel comfortable with such a large purchase. I'd take David's recommendations again anytime.

Mindy Jensen testimonial

Mindy Jensen on the VA lender we recommended to her!

I am a real estate agent - but I don't live near a military base, so I don't have many clients eligible for a VA loan. When an Active-Duty client did reach out, I helped him find a home, but he was having trouble with his VA lender. I reached out to David Pere, because I know he knows EVERYONE, and he introduced me to a lender who could not only DO a VA loan, but actually could explain the ins and outs to me. I knew David would be able to connect me to an EXCELLENT lender, because he is so well connected in this space.

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