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We know there are real estate agents and lenders all over the place trying to earn your business.

That being said, I also know getting your real estate or NMLS (mortgage) license doesn’t require you to learn how to do the actual job. It simply teaches you how to avoid getting into legal trouble.

For that reason, not all agents/lenders are created equal. Moreover, most real estate professionals don’t take the time to independently master the VA loan.

I get it. I’ve been burned by an agent/lender duo that didn’t understand the VA loan.

That is why I spent so much time learning the intimate details of the VA loan and building my network of agents and lenders that know what they’re doing so I could ensure people within this community could avoid the issues I ran into and would be taken care of!

What Happens Next?

  1. You will receive an email introduction from my team. 
  2. You will receive periodic emails from me and my team confirming that the person we introduced you to is meeting your expectations and some tips and tricks to help along your homebuying journey
  3. My team will be following up with the real estate professional(s) that you were introduced to so that we can make sure they are staying on top of things!

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