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The Military Millionaire Planner

90-day military planner guide

Welcome, to your 90-day military planner! 

I am confident this tool will transform the way you attack each day, week, quarter, year; and help you achieve the vision you’ve laid out for yourself! 

Below you will find videos walking through exactly how to complete each section of the planner, and clarifying some of the acronyms in order to ensure there is no confusion. 

This planner is the combination of several journals and planners I have used over the last three years, as well as various tools that have been given to me from coaches I’ve hired, and books that I have read. 

My hope is that this compiled wisdom shortcuts your path to success dramatically!


step by step guide

Quarterly Planning Section

Monthly Planning Section

Weekly Planning Section

Daily Planning Section

Habit Tracking Section

The Three P's Exercise

Pesky Acronyms...

M.I.N.S. – Most Important Next Steps. This is the most important next step toward achieving your goal. Usually, this is a small, simple task that is right in front of you. 

Now Available In A Digital Version!

After launching the Military Millionaire Planner I had a rather surprising amount of people reach out asking if it was going to be made available as a digital version. I had no idea that so many people liked virtual planners! Obviously I want to provide as much value as possible to this community, so the planner is now available in two digital versions for you:

1. A fillable PDF that you can download to your desktop and type your information into as you go.

2. A non-fillable PDF that you can upload to your kindle, I-pad, Tablet, etc. and write on with a stylus. 

bonus videos!

Creating a Flow Cheat Sheet

What's Next?

about the book

This is the planner for service members and veterans who are serious about crushing their goals!

After years of journaling about my goals in various planners, I finally decided to create the ultimate planner for myself. I took bits and pieces from the various planners I’ve used through the years and combined them to create this resource, selfishly. 

Yes, that’s right…this project started as a way for me to create the ultimate planner for myself. It wasn’t until I was halfway done with this project–as I was showing some friends what I was working on, and they all wanted a copy–that I decided to make it available for purchase.

I’m stoked to release this tool to the community! Be sure to use #militarymillionaire to share your success stories along the journey so that we can follow along!

who this book is for

joining the military

Buy this book and hand it to your loved one that is joining the military saying "If you follow what this book says you'll be set up for success when you exit the military. Whether you serve 4 years, or 40."

active duty military

I believe active duty service members have an incredible opportunity to build wealth. Don't squander that opportunity, learn from my mistakes, and set yourself up for success!

reservist service members

As I write this book I am preparing to transition into the reserves. Needless to say, I believe reservists can still benefit from a ton of the information in this book!

military veterans

The information in this book is still applicable to you. Learn how to build a base for investing, use your benefits, and take advantage of the VA loan to build massive amounts of wealth!

spouses and family

My wife is much better with finances than I am, and if she had a guide like this years ago we would be so much better off! Also, can you think of a better gift for your loved ones?

schmucks and bums

That's right, I said what I said...because this is my book, and I can call it as I see it. This book isn't for you if you're going to leave it on the bookshelf unread--or worse--read it, and never put the information to use!

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active duty Marine, real estate investor, and host of the Military Millionaire Podcast ―has one goal in mind: to help you create a successful career in the military, while building the life of your dreams for after service. Service members and veterans alike will learn how to achieve financial freedom, have a successful career, maximize veteran benefits, use their VA loan, invest to build wealth, transition out of the military, and become a Military Millionaire

The Military Millionaire Planner

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