The Military Millionaire Podcast

We interview successful military real estate investors, and entrepreneurs, to discover what they did to set themselves up for a successful life after the military.

Learn the secrets to living a fulfilling life, and not having to work for anyone but yourself again.

Notable guests & friends:

Robert Kiyosaki

Grant Cardonne

Brandon Turner

Scott Trench

And many more…

"Stop what you are doing and give it a listen!!! There is no other show out there dedicated to teaching service members how to leverage the military and get themselves ahead in life. David and Alex are very knowledgable and entertaining. If you are active duty, veteran, or have any military affiliation then this is a no-brainer."

- jburry66

"Great information on investing and real estate. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to create financial freedom through investing and passive income. Every aspect of investing, real estate, and economic trends is covered in the podcasts and articles. Such a great resource!"

- NateC312

"Dave is a rockstar! Dave had a tremendous value to my personal and real estate goals. His Warroom Mastermind is a place to meet high-level motivated veterans in the real estate business."

- Raymond B M



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