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An Investor-Friendly Realtor

As a realtor, and investor, I understand that I am a rare breed. That is why I want to help you find a realtor that understands investing, and is able to help you meet your goals!

Find A VA Loan Expert!

I got burned by the first lender I ever used because he didn't understand the VA loan. Don't let that happen to you, I am happy to connect you with my network of solid, Vetted VA lenders

Finance your Deals!

A hard money lender can be an invaluable asset if you need funding ASAP to close a deal. Let us connect you with a hard money lender to fit your needs!

Real Estate Specific...

Free legal structure consultation for members of the Military Millionaire community!

Prime Corporate Services is there to help you protect your assets, build business credit, and file your taxes.

They handle my personal asset protection strategy, and I love them!

Propstream is the premier way to find deals, and pull comparable deals to determine your ARV!

They have more data, more features, and investor tools than any other product or service on the market.

I love their platform for pulling lists and comps!

REsimpli is the best way to track your leads for off-market deals.

I have used a few Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and REsimpli is by far the best one for real estate investing!

Give It a shot today, risk-free, with their 30-day money-back guarantee!

Military to Agent was formed to help service members and veterans who were interested in getting their real estate license have a central hub for training and education along the way.

We are working hard to create a culture of service members and veterans slinging houses all over the nation!

Ballpoint Marketing is THE best direct mail marketing platform I’ve ever used. 

Seriously, my first batch of mailers with them earned me over $30,000 in net profit!

Don’t sleep on Ballpoint marketing, test them out today!

REIsift is a must for anybody marketing for their own deals. 

It racks and stacks your data to save you tons of money month over month by not marketing to people you shouldn’t be!

Try it free for 30days!

Investor Carrot is an incredible platform for real estate investors!

They specialize in building websites for investors to help them rank on Google, and drive leads into their funnel.

They even have an option where they will write blog posts for you!

Buildium is an American property management software.

If you’re going to self-manage your rental properties, then you definitely owe it to yourself to try this 15-day trial and see how much Buildium can help you!

Life Hacks...

Becoming a member through this code should let you download your first book for free! 

Listening to audiobooks has changed my life. 

As of January, 2021 I have listened to 209 books on the Audible app!

Save up to 65% off when you book your hotel stay through the Military Millionaire community!

We partnered up with one of the largest hotel aggregators in the country to bring you guys discounted rates as a way to say “thank you” for being members of the community!

Click below to save on your next event.

Earn a free stock (for both of us) when you sign up for Robinhood in order to begin trading stocks! 

I received a free share of Ford stock, just for signing up! 

This app makes it really simple to get started investing in the stock market!

MileIQ has saved me THOUSANDS of dollars this year. This is a simple application for your phone that tracks all of your mileage in the car. 

At the end of a drive you swipe left/right for personal/business driving, and it keeps a tab of your mileage for your tax return!


As you build more income streams and become more wealthy, it becomes paramount to have a central location to be able to see everything! 

Empower is a free service that allows you to track savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement accounts, mortgages, car payments, and every account you can think of. 

Start Reading!

Check out my recommended book list, the same books that have inspired and taught me invaluable ideas and concepts on my journey.

Sometimes you just need the right


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