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War Room Real Estate Mastermind Reviews

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My Book Reviews

Must read for all service members!
"This book is structured to help create the best of someone who is in the service. Regardless of your current position, whether it’s an E-1 or O-5 (because O-6’s likely aren’t reading it). The amount of information I have learned from this book is unfathomable. I have read numerous self help books towards finances or military life, but this takes the cake as being the best read. Take the information here to help further your life in and out of the military!"

- Trenton D.

Great all around book! Brief info on many topics
"I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I have studied real estate investing before I read this and specifically from Brandon Turner Like David mentions he has, and it was nice to get a refresher and see how I can translate the same REI tips and strategies to military life! This book covers many different topics and suggests other areas to go for more info. If you want a Birds eye view of how to enjoy the military and not have to get a job when you get out, this is the book for you!"

- Alex R.

"If you read and follow the advice and knowledge bombs in this book from day one in the military, you'll be building wealth like a boss. I had to learn all of this the hard way over 10 years of service and wish I'd had a guide like this to get started on the right foot. Don't buy a new expensive car, don't wait to invest, take advantage of all the benefits you have as a military member to build financial freedom while you serve. READ AND HEED THIS ADVICE! I can't stress this enough!"

- Greta C.

MUST Read for Every Service Member!
"I wish this book would have been around when I first joined the military! Even now, as someone who retired several years ago, I found a lot of really good material that either I can use or pass on to someone else. Highly recommend this book!"

- Larry G

A book written by a service member who probably cares more about your future than you do.
"No sales pitch, no slant. This book is filled with fantastic advice from a guy who has been there and done that. He shares a unique perspective that comes not only from his personal experiences (honest and undiluted) but also his high-performing network in order to show you the ropes. Real estate to stocks, insurance to debt, he covers it all, and in a refreshingly straightforward and upfront manner that has become unfortunately rare in the self financial literacy community. If you are in the service, independent of age, rank, or branch - do yourself a favor and buy this f***ing book!"

- Jake V.

"Just finished reading this awesome book! You can immediately tell he dedicated a lot of work and time into this book, and has a passion for helping his fellow brothers/sisters in arms to find financial freedom. He literally lays out a step by step plan to set you up for financial freedom, specifically geared to military members. It is such a great resource for anyone in the military, especially those who are just beginning their military careers. Military leaders, I highly recommend that you get this book to be able to set up those entrusted to your leadership for success."

- Francisco B.

What good advice - dang!
"If you are a fan of David's Pere's podcast The Military Millionaire (and I definitely am) then you will love this book. It cuts straight to the point, is completely devoid of bull, and is an enjoyable read. The author created the guide he wishes he had when he joined the military - and I wish I had it, too. It is a fast read and FULL of great ideas - my copy is highlighted and marked up in the margins. I really enjoyed this book and cannot recommend it more!"

- Virginia C.

Podcast Reviews

"Stop what you are doing and give it a listen!!! There is no other show out there dedicated to teaching service members how to leverage the military and get themselves ahead in life. David and Alex are very knowledgable and entertaining. If you are active duty, veteran, or have any military affiliation then this is a no-brainer."

- jburry66

"Great information on investing and real estate. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to create financial freedom through investing and passive income. Every aspect of investing, real estate, and economic trends is covered in the podcasts and articles. Such a great resource!"

- NateC312

"Dave is a rockstar! Dave had a tremendous value to my personal and real estate goals. His Warroom Mastermind is a place to meet high-level motivated veterans in the real estate business."

- Raymond B M

"THE GREATEST SHOW FOR MILITARY FINANCES. Dave has the best show for service members! It is incredibly relatable, he packs it with so much value, and the guest are absolutely incredible. If you are military or even if you aren’t but just want to go from 0 to millionaire this is the greatest podcast for you!

- vobbyscc

"Check this Marine Out!!! David is crushing it. He is finding a way to combine his passions into something that can be invaluable for you and me. Truly honored to have been a guest on his show. More honored to have a new friend that is trying to give more to society than he takes out.

- Nowaybutup

"Easy to listen and relate too. David is just like me (or you) and is using real estate to create passive cash flow while serving in the military. He has a new guest each week who shares their personal story, background, and how they are succeeding in leveraging the power of real estate and sometimes special benefits like the VA Loan program to create positive cash flow, equity growth, and tax benefits to enable your own financial growth and wealth."

- TheDockArd

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