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Andrew Jones on The Military Millionaire Podcast

Episode: 164

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones and The Military Millionaire Podcast are talking all about adding value to people, and how we are building our teams to scale!

Andrew is my partner with Freedom Properties, and together we are scaling a 7-figure off-market deal machine!

Andrew Jones is a father of 5, husband to 1, talented musician, and beautiful human being. Everybody he meets seems to like him (for some reason), and he is all around great with people.

Andrew has been in sales for 20 years, and is absolutely crushing it with over a 25% closing rate on appointments with our company right now! In fact, Andrew has made this company more money in 2022 (actually, within the first 5 weeks) than my W2 income was last year, haha!

We are growing a team with Freedom Properties, and in the words of Pinky and the Brain…going to take over the world!

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David Pere

David Pere

David is an active duty Marine, who devotes his free time to helping service members, veterans, and their families learn how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance!

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