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Hey, what's up military millionaires. I'm your host, David Pere.

Today we have an exciting episode with Dan Krupa, who got out of the army after 13 years. And he's since done a lot of fixing and flipping of homes. And then he's gotten into the buy and hold market in Kansas City and some other areas. And he's really killing it with cash flow and returns.

He's an agent, doing some really solid things.

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Hey, what's up everybody? It's Dave, from military to millionaire podcast. I'm here with Dan Krupa, who was a 13 year Army veteran, and has now gone on to invest in real estate and I could probably tell some of the story. But that's no fun.

So Dan, tell us a little bit about yourself. Welcome to the show.


Hey, thanks, Dave. Yeah, appreciate you having me on.

Yeah. So you said I came into the army in 2004 and 13 years in the Army mostly in the infantry loved it got out early 2017, and a full time real estate investor ever since we mostly flip houses, we do have buy and holds. I'm a real estate agent working on expanding units and property management. Yeah, I just love real estate. That's, that's our thing.


That's awesome. So you say you mostly flip some some holds? What? Uh, is there a determining criteria for which route you go? Or is it just how you're feeling at the time.


So when we started, right, we were trying to build up like a pretty, pretty good sized war chest. Before we wanted to start holding on to stuff, we've done, you know, we've gotten a little bit of money in the bank. And then I had a property I bought way back in 2010. We just sold out last year to come to Washington, or start a few all in Washington, which is kind of South of Seattle, but not 30 miles.

So between kind of and kind of what we've done in our business now. You know, now we kind of have the reservation or we're looking at much more holding on to what we have in our criteria before that was if we could get all of our money back. Right? So we can because we bought just they were you know, they're just like a flip house, I needed a ton of work, we could fix it up, all the capital expenditures were brand new, we get all of our money back down, and it's still cash flow, you know, these $200 a month like, hey, well, this is a no brainer. Let's hold on to these, especially in good areas with good schools, and then all the rest, we'll just go ahead and split.

So but now we're this next year, we're looking at doing a lot more buy and holds and less flips.


Makes sense.

What's the if I can ask, what's the motivation behind that?


The buy and holds?




So you know, when I was getting out of the Army, we did a lot of market research. We're here in Kansas City, we moved to an area that I just love and what I see happening up here, I think in 10 years, property values gonna really have skyrocketed in the next 10 years or so because you live your kind of a path of progress in Kansas City where we're located. This is where they're trying to funnel everything right.

So researching your cost goes up, and lowe's and whole foods and all these other things started coming, you know, you're probably on the right track.

So that's why I really, you know, I really want to buy up and hold as much as you can and kind of move in expanding our business and some others like I talked about property management and probably will lead to general contracting, that will feed the business itself. And so then our business can just try to hold on to as many properties as it can.


I totally understand I'm similar market down south in Missouri is most of my stuff. And I'm a fan of vinyls, I've done a little wholesaling fix and flip stuff with I think the reason I like the buy and hold market is you can keep making money down the road, right?

Appreciations are great, but, you know, flipping is a lot more work in order to make the money. I mean, it's a great income, but it's more it's not as passive. So.


It's not really passive. I mean it all at first, you know, for new investors. It's brutal. I mean, it is just brutal to get it in and figure out the system getting good contractors and, and all that.

But once you mean once you do get it out, you know, it's like any kind of business model. Once you get systems into place and the right people, it gets much, much easier. A lot less time goes into it. But like you said, you haven't had our goal right at the end of the day. I don't want to constantly, you know, have a bunch of houses going on. I have to be here and walk home every day and all that I'd like to just get to have in a rental side of the house.

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Absolutely. Cool, easy day.

So trying to think what would be in the flipping buy and hold world?

What kind of properties do you guys look for in a primarily single family? Do you dabble in, like duplexes and triplexes? Or is it just kind of, you know, whatever you guys come across.


So today, we have been focused on nothing but single family homes with an after repaired value or market value of $165,000 or less, right.

And so for us in this market, there's just, you see, there's a lot of new buildings going on, right. And there's growth, but nobody is building starter homes anymore, because the profit is not there. Right? Why not build a home that costs $250,000? For a builder to make 75k? Why would they want to turn around and build a $175,000 house? Right.

So for us, those houses are so easy when we get demand and get them on the market, we're typically getting multiple offers within 24 to 48 hours. And like I said, those properties when it comes to rental, it's very comparable, you know, and I have a little up here 130 $555,000 house where you can rent that out and maybe pay $50 or $100 more than apartment, but now you get a two car garage and you get a yard for your dogs and he gets the plan and whatnot.

So for us like the numbers, it's just a no brainer, right. So we are looking at moving into a more multifamily. But you know, each one comes with pros and cons. But that's why we've been really just focused on the single family houses today.



I mean, and for the fix and flip game single family definitely seems to make more sense because it's a lot harder, as much smaller market for duplexes when you're trying to sell it and you know, not hold on to it forever. Which, you know, that totally makes sense.

So, I guess one question I always like to ask people who are in that world is, you know, how are you trying to like how are you guys finding deals? Do you have a primary I know in our world in the Midwest, you can still find stuff on the MLS, but is that your primary means? Are there other tricks of the trade you guys use?


Do you find like I said, I'm an agent and I do find some deals on the MLS a lot of deals. I would say a lot right to some deals we've gotten off of you. The things that you hear about I will put a yard sign out front of one of our flips will get a phone call. I use Amazon in the back of my truck. Yeah, no phone call for that.

Now a lot of it comes from referrals, right their pocket listings from other agents, hey, they've heard about us, you know, put it out there brand ourselves and so I'm calling him to get this down. You know, the owners don't want to go through the whole hassle. Do you want to buy? Yeah, absolutely. And then we also work with a couple wholesalers that really like so and I did in the past I did a couple mailings got couple deals off of that I am starting up a wholesaling business with other guy because I mean really the leads is that's the name of the game, you know, you buy rights, get those leads, but yeah, predominantly just comes to my pocket listings and wholesalers right now.


I like it. Yeah, wholesalers are a big one. I always whenever I'm moving to a new market, it's like, you know, in fact, I kicked myself because the first few months that I was in Hawaii, I had built up this network here. I'd never thought to like a network with wholesalers back where I actually invest. So I missed for like six months to a year I missed out on good deals coming to me from that. Yeah, like one of the first like right now I'm probably going to be moving to San Diego in the near future. And so I'm looking at okay, well, you know, we buy houses in San Diego, sell my house fast in San Diego, like all the good.

You know, get on the list now so that hopefully, by the time we get ready to move out there, we'll have a property to try to house hack or whatever the case may be. So I think that's a lot of fun. Definitely a good, a good way to do it.


Yeah if you find a good wholesaler like those guys and gals are invaluable. You find a good one. And there's no, there's not a ton of great ones. But when you do find the great ones, don't argue with them. Don't try to lowball, pay them. Let them make their money, right? Be the easy buyer and then they'll just keep bringing you deals, and it just makes your life so much simpler.


Yeah, absolutely.

So since you're an agent, and I mean, I have my license, but I haven't really dabbled with it too much out here. Because I don't primarily invest in Hawaii.

But do you feel like this because I hear this all the time back and forth? Do you feel like being an agent has made your life easier, more difficult or not really affected anything as an investor?


Exponentially easier.

I mean, I honestly, I really struggle with I don't know how people do it without I mean, because the investors that I talked to that don't have their license, they're always waiting long to come back from my agent. You know, they don't have that data that they can't pull the analytics and I cannot help Last, not only do I have access to RPR, which is great, I can go back, I can look at when the deeds were recorded, if there's a mortgage, how much the mortgage is, you know, I can pull a bunch of different data off of that. And we're all in great state cmas market analysis right to kind of find out okay, fair to other homes. What's it? What's it worth really, really easy tools. And so, like I said, I don't do a ton of agent work for other people. But for our own, this is just me, you know, finding our numbers are so much easier because, yeah.

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I agree. I sit there and pedal through the MLS, and I'm like, man, I'm so glad I have access to this myself now. Makes my life easy.

So, awesome. Way, as we kind of roll through some of these questions. One of the things I always like to ask is if you know I phrase it as an E one, e two, but if if a young 18 year old, whatever was to walk up to you and ask you about financial advice, investing advice, life advice, whatever, you got a couple minutes to give it to them.

What do you think you would? Would you throw at them?


Okay, financial advice, right? I got to look at like all three financial advice is like, have a budget, right? Figure out what that is, don't get pulled into the culture.

Well, I need to buy all this cool stuff and look cool, your fast cars and all that no, save your money, have a budget, know what's coming in what's going out and live underneath your means because that's what's gonna allow you to buy assets, right?

So investing wise, which I just touched on, right buy stuff that makes you money, buy stuff that appreciates buy stuff, where people will pay it off for you, instead of going out, you know, take your apartment money and you're buying a new challenger, whatever it is a new truck, whatever, which I have done price on that. That's in here. Herbalife you know, soap box. So, you know, but yeah, if you do that kind of stuff, and then just general life advice, find a good woman, marry her, stay with her because it will make your life a whole lot easier. I am just better overall.


I agree with that piece.

Man, you see some, you know, and I get it love is, you know, they say what love is blind. But you don't fall into love. Before you put the blinders on, right? I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. People get involved in people with people they don't need to be and they're like, Oh, I'm in love. Well, you know, you probably had the chance to turn it off before you were head over heels. Maybe, maybe not. But you know, I don't know, there are people. I will say a spouse can make or break a lot because yes, support.

And you know, and and aside from the emotional support, and the home life and all that other wonderful stuff. Being a command financial specialist, the number one reason that I hear for why a credit card has x thousands of dollars on it is spouse.




And that goes male, female, whatever. But yeah, you got to be older, hey, we can't be doing this if they're not on board with the budget, and it doesn't matter if you are.


No. And you know, like, That's such a huge part of our businesses. My wife says all of our designs, she does all of our staging.

You know, she is just phenomenal. And we could not be where we are without her. She only knows a small fraction of it. But she is my sounding board. You know, she's the one that I come to you and say, Hey, this is what I'm looking at. Am I crazy? And so many times we've gone to a house and she'll be like, I got a bad feeling about this one. This is not gonna work in the beginning and listen to her and like whatever do Andy's you know what you're talking about? those properties were just horrible, right?

So now, when your wife's spidey senses start tingling, like, I know, like, okay, I'm going down the wrong path here. And that's what a good spouse does, right? They ran out not only about edges, but they balance you out, right? They fill in the rest of that, wherever you're weak. Hopefully, if you've picked the right spouse, like they're strong, and you guys make a great team together.


Yeah, absolutely.

We'll have to like the network next time in Missouri, because my wife is like the design type as well. I'm trying to get her more involved. Because out here, it's kind of hard to play the design card when I'm 6000 miles away from my properties. But once we moved back, like work, like her birthday that year was like an architectural graph pad and graphing like, because she likes to sit at work and, and Doodle doodle drawing like floor plans and stuff. And I'm like, oh, perfect. So as soon as we get close enough, that we can actually do that together. So I have to bring her up, we'll have to come hang out so your wife can mentor mine. But..


Dude, get her that Joanna Gaines book, it is like the best $23 you'll ever spend in your life. It's like this giant textbook of nothing but like design photos. And she breaks down like the five categories that she designs and she has all these examples I just got from my wife and she was totally geeking out on it.


Definitely will. I will. I will look at that this afternoon. I appreciate it.

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Yeah man.


Always room for brownie points.

Awesome. All right.

So what's one thing I always Ask this and people always tell me it's not the military job to teach about real estate. And I get that. But then I like to ask.

What do you wish the military taught you about real estate or finances because they're getting better about it. But I'm trying to help shape the future as far as what we do teach because like, for example, the VA loan is this awesome benefit that nobody in the military knows anything about, because we don't teach about it very well.

So I'm trying to, you know, not to steal your thunder, if that's what you're gonna say, but what are your thoughts?


VA loans, by the way, like you said, are awesome things to push people. You know, the same thing with a GI Bill kind of blows my mind that people don't take advantage of that either. And then a huge proponent of higher education, don't get me wrong, it's, it's needed. There's a place that what I'm saying, just for me, you know, I went down that path. I did all that just to be like, just going out of being an entrepreneur to an outlet, right, that was for me. So it's just my own personal two cents.

But, so the military, you know, I think you said, we give the most like rudimentary education on finance and right, it's supposed to be a holistic approach, right? We're supposed to show guys and gals, you know, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, or shows it is supposed to be when you're in the military, that is your life. And we're, we're taking care of everything we're showing you got medical covered, we're supposed to be teaching you all this stuff naturally about your job, or how to live and so we should I think military should a better job of showing people you know, how to how to budget, right, like how to plan for catastrophes, and especially young young soldiers come in, who are going to get up after four years like a man, what is your plan? Are you saving up? you know, don't don't be three months or six months away from getting out.

But, you know, there's only so many hours in a day. So it's easy for me to sit here and say we should do anything, you know, with the breakneck pace that you're going and so is everyone else. I don't know if there really there's too much more we can keep piling on the plate.


Yeah, you never know.

So it's funny you mentioned your stance on the GI Bill. So I think as you and I talked earlier, I'm at the hinge point where I'm deciding whether I'm going to stay in or not.

And so if I get out, logically it makes sense to transfer my GI bill to my kids. However, I got a college kicker bonus on top of my GI bill, which is I don't really know who I like, please, to get that to happen. Because it's not like, as a recruiter, I think I saw it give it away once so I don't know. Yeah, I hooked my recruiter up in some way. And I guess he returned the favor. So if you're listening, Bryson, I appreciate it.

And, but I can't so that's not transferable. It's like a $50,000 kicker, but it's for living expenses. So yeah, whatever my BAH is that 50 grand gets split over however long it takes me to get my degree on top of my BAH, so it makes no sense to transfer because I don't want to lose the $50,000 of free money.

Yeah, well, I don't really have the same boat. I don't really need a degree, I don't really care about getting my degree. In fact, I'm finishing my last three weeks of my associates right now. And I'm miserable. Because it's just taking time away from other things.

So what I'm thinking I'm going to do and this is like a total waste of funds is I thought there's a marketing degree I could there's like a place I can get a marketing degree like 20 minutes from my house. But if I drive two hours, I can go get my commercial pilot's license for an airline's and I'm like, man, it is totally worth the extra hour and a half in the car two or three days a week to use my GI bill to just fly an airplane around like that is that's something I could get behind.

So I think there's a good chance I'm going to be going to Columbia College to get my GI bill to fly around.

I wanted to find there's nowhere the closest man's such a side trail. So I'll make this as fast as possible. I wanted to get a helicopter license. But yeah, GI Bill, the only place the GI Bill will pay for it is like up into pika. I'm not commuting four hour justify that.

So yeah, but that'd be super cool if I get a helicopter license. But you know, I mean, I suppose I'll settle for a free airplane, you know, pilot license, we can. Oh, we're gonna go to a convention. We'll just grab a bunch of Missouri investors and fly there.


Well, as a person who wants to get free, free flights from you. Yeah, you should definitely get out. You should pursue your dreams.


Oh, man.

All right. So rabbit trail. I'm back to Santa and the GI Bill is great. And you're right. I don't know why people don't use it. I mean, you get your housing allowance paid for. And you can go to school for two days a week.


Even if you do it online, the BAH is less but you still get a BAH right. So like you said, you could, you could do something and then there was something for everyone. You know, there really is. I looked around here and there is a master's degree for entrepreneurial real real estate, right entrepreneur real estate. I'm like, what a little niche, you know, but it's right there. So I could have gone and done a year before the age like you I still have. I'm so invested in my GI Bill.

So yeah, you guys use your VA, use your GI Bill, you know, do something with it because you can go to trade school, right? Like you said, or you can become a pop, there's so many things. It's not just you know, seeing a classroom, you can use it for all sorts of stuff for the VA itself will pay you like to test for your real estate, license rights or use those things that are accessible to you. And so many people now, which I don't understand. I don't.

20:00 - 25:00


Yeah, absolutely. So many benefits. Might as well milk them the right way, not by just making stuff up to yeah, I don't..


I need their urge to write like, it's not like you're just like you're getting something for nothing like you've served, right, you put yourself in harm's way. So I don't feel bad for anyone using the benefits of their title team.


Exactly. Yeah.

So what makes the Dan Krupa method of real estate investing unique and or successful?


No man, ahh.


I like that one, because it's just a weird question. It throws everyone off.


Yeah, well played, sir.

Okay, so, um, I already talked about, you know, what kind of houses we target, I would say this thing for us. And we're not the only ones doing this, right. But we are focused on really high quality flips, even though they're still, you know, entry level houses. And we do things the right way, and it blows my mind. You know, because we all know, people that were in the military, you know, we're used to a checklist, procedures, and we follow that and do it the right way. And even though it's red tape, you know, try to figure out a way through Bluetooth right away.

And there are so many people out here that are just doing sloppy work, not pulling permits, you know, not getting engineer reports for bad foundations, you know, not doing things the right way to cut to cut small corners to save dimes. And in the end, they're losing dollars, because nobody wants to come back and monitor flips again. Nobody wants to refer their clients to it because they know to just crap house, that is a bad product, right.

So that's, I guess that would be something that we really focus on. I guess if you could say you had a method or methodology, that's what we're focused on is high quality records. We want people to be happy with our house more agency like yes, this is a good home. Let's get it in there. You know, let's get our clients in there assassin jack.


Yeah, I agree.

And I mean, there's always that fine line between, you know, like, best bank for your buck for investing. But at the end of the day, if you grab, you know, play the cheap game, and nobody buys a house, it's wait, holding costs will tear you apart a lot faster than just not, then putting a little extra into the work. If that makes I guess if that makes sense, I think...


Yeah. And you know, like, okay, so if you're gonna, let's say, replace an electrical panel, right, you could go cheap and pay somebody $500 in the wrong way. Or you could pay 1500 dollars to do it the right way with a master electrician, okay, in that house it burns down and people die. How much are you gonna be liable for? Because you didn't do it the right way. You pay that thousand dollars.

So if you look at it as a long game, right? You're not you're not like you said, Of course there are times you could be like, alright, we could use a laminate countertop, or we get away with white appliances instead of stainless steel or, you know, a this this floor is go use put in some LVT or whatever, I got it right next definition. That's all part of the process, figuring out but never ever, ever cheap out on like, you know, logical stuff. You are accurate. Anything with gas, which will do the right way.


Yeah, I don't need to fire. And like..


Yes, exactly.


It’s exactly what I need in my life.

Awesome, awesome.

Well, hey, what's, uh, what's a resource course, website, book, whatever that you would recommend for anyone looking to get started in real estate and kind of follow in your shoes?


So I have everything I learned, I guess started off with bigger pockets. And there is just I mean, you could spend three lifetimes on that site. Branches are reading forums and free articles and books.

So if you want to learn about it, get in there, find a niche and stick to it, right? You know, if you're talking about how I want to do X, Y, and Z, okay, but at first I was laser focused on just learning how to flip and now that we kind of have that down, we're bringing in more people and they're taking off my plate, I can kind of expand and learn.

So go out there, learn, figure it out, you know, ask a lot of questions. Do that. And then the next one would be get your real estate license, do it, you're gonna do this more than just casually buy one a year, it is worth it to go into real estate license.


Yeah, I think the benefit of not paying commission every time you flip the houses is huge in that world.


Yes. And I'll leave that to you. You know, you're the one that it's not there's no, you know, there's nobody in between you and that other agent, you know, that's kind of sugarcoating things and not giving you all the information.

You know, what is being said between, you know, between the ages because you're talking to them directly, right, who is better, who's going to sell your property better than yourself. You have that message. You just did it.

25:00 - 30:00


That's true.

And then if you ever end up finding a deal, like as you do the wholesaling thing, you find a deal that you can't, you can't flip or whatever the one of the things I've looked at doing with my license out here is instead of instead of asking for a wholesaler fee and doing all that, I just say, hey, here's this awesome deal. Let me be your agent, when you buy it, when you sell it, you get the commission on both ends. And that's ultimately it out here in Hawaii, that's more than any wholesaler fee I would charge with, with also not having to do you know, I mean, it's not any more work, really. I mean, I'd rather work on that, then try to, not that getting a wholesale fee is hard.

But I think it's very, it's a lot easier to negotiate when you say, hey, look, I got this deal under contract for this much. And I'm not going to ask you for anything. Just let me be your agent. Then they're like, oh, yeah. Like he's not making a profit off this. Well, I am. But I'm not. You're not getting charged for it. So..


Yeah. And here's another piece. And there's a guy out in Boston, I think his name's like, I think it's Tom Kaffir. I don't know if you've heard of all right.

So he was an investor. And now he's built his brokerage of like 90 agents. And so what they do is, he started out as a wholesaler and flipper. And then he realized, right, and I've seen this too, when I did our mailings, you get a lot of people that call on tire kickers, I want to know the key, what's my house worth, they'll, they don't want to sell it buy for 50%, of fair market value, or 60%.

So those guys, he turned around, and he just listened. And he takes up 3% on this sale price. And they're listening. So it's just you should be in my mind, you know, once you've done this go off, you're going to do it, you should be able to capitalize on every single, right, and there is a way to capitalize on every single lead. And if you're an agent, that's all the way like, hey, okay, let me come out. And you know, I'll tell you what you asked. Let's get on the market. Let's get sold on there. I'll take you know, 30% of $140,000. Because you know, you don't want to sell your house for 100k, and that's all right.


Yeah, I agree.

Yeah, I think having an exit strategy is huge. But the fact that you can be super creative in real estate is something that I am a huge fan of because that creativity really pays dividends in the long run, the more creative you are with financing and exit strategies, easier real estate becomes.

Man, I really liked that point about like, opening a wholesaler. Essentially business and then if they don't want to sell it for cheap, just listing it because listings are so much easier than being a buyer.



It's so for all you who are listening, you aren't an agent don't know this, being a buyer's agent is extremely time consuming, right. And we any of you out there who have gone and I am guilty of this and looked at 30 houses before you bought one, it is so much simpler to show up. And then just have them fill out some paperwork and talk through it and take some photos, put a sign on the yard and then you wait for people to come to you. But then on the buyer side.

So yeah, I just I love I love what these guys doing out there in Boston, I think it's a great strategy. And like I said, it's something we're really gonna, we're like we're already, like I said, certainly implemented here. Hopefully, we'll be up and running with that side of the house here next month.


Yeah, I'm excited, you will have to definitely link up and sit down and talk and love to pick your brain a little more about that down the road.

Um, so before we wrap up, what kind of Is there anything that you'd like to add parting advice, big ideas, you know, any anything crazy that we haven't gotten the cover of?


So this is earth shattering. And I'm sure you've heard a million times, but I always say that everybody set goals, right? have goals, have 90 day goals, have one year goals. And then I do too, right? You can do three fonts out there, right. But every day revisit is to write down things you're thankful for, write things you want to work on, follow those, and then just get in there.

I meet so many people and I go to a bunch of meetups, a lot of people I think really highly over. They're great people, but they've been on the sidelines for two years, right? There's just a million excuses why they can't get started. Can't find a deal. This man is the other.
Dude, I'm not even from here, right? I just got 23 deals in the last 20 months. All right, and I'm not from here. So we can do that. You've lived here your whole life. And you've been looking at this for the last five years. Like, come on out. I'm sure you can find a deal and get rolling this or just give me a name. You're gonna take your lumps. It's like anything, right? No one came into the military, wherever you're at, to learn. Yeah, like break you down and teach me how to do and so it's the same thing with being an entrepreneur, you're gonna take your lumps, but just remember that you're learning, right? You're not losing your life.

30:00 - 35:37


I heard a not heard there's a group out here, a meetup. And they, you cannot go to one of their meetings unless you've done at least one real estate deal that's like their rule. And you know, for better or for worse, I don't do that with my meetups because I want to new investors and help new investors. But I know why they did it. And it's probably the most powerful they call it the mass real estate mastermind group. It's probably the best meetup I've gone to out here. And I think part of that is because everybody in there has at least some level of experience and has made the leap and is taking action.

And so when you're going around asking questions and stuff, it's just a very high caliber group of people. And I think that, you know, and that's not to say that there's anything wrong with not having done a deal yet everybody starts somewhere. But knowing and take, like, taking action is probably the most important part of the learning process. And people overlook that because they get so wrapped up in learning, you know, the whole analysis paralysis thing, and then they don't take action, when that's where you learn 80% of everything, is by learning a hard way or you know.

So I like that. definitely getting out there goals, and I like that you write down your things you're thankful for, or gratitudes, or whatever, that's a huge. You know, I'm a big fan of a joke about this in the military, as we talk about all these, you know, like, it's, don't don't do X, because then you'll get in trouble for Y or whatever, you know, all the things you're supposed to do the control for all safety briefs and everything. I was like, man, if we could probably get rid of all of this, if we just focused on teaching people to be good people, like just be a good person. Like that solves most of life's problems.


Yeah, you know, what's cool is when you and I don't want to get on a machine here, go down a rabbit hole. But when you do your gratitude, right, and you look back, which I did, right at the end of the year, this game was like middle December, in my office, and I just started flipping through bank beginning of the year, and just kind of looking at how they did it is amazing how many awesome things happens here in a year. But she just distracted right with all the noise. And you know, a lot of times when people say did you get that negativity, mess this up, or I got this going on? I'm so busy. They just don't take time to reflect on things like, hey, these awesome things happened to me. And it makes me want to try harder. It makes me want to do it. It really helped change my life.


Yeah, yeah, that's super exciting.

Awesome. So Dan, where can people get a hold of you if they want to ask you some questions?


Yeah, so it's kind of hard I'm gonna spell it out here right so you can email me at Dan@Reveillehomes.com right just like the bugle call and Morena goes up. Reveillehomes.com.

That’s Reveillehomes.com or on Facebook. You can search for us at Reveille Homes, on Instagram now, thanks to my wife, right. And that's Krupa, it’s my last name. So that one's easy short, like on Twitter. My handle is, but I'm on there. Just because I want to see the ridiculous things that other people say but yeah, you know me, I'm now on Facebook a ton. And I'm also in bigger pockets if you're on there. And you can search for me again, my last name's Chris Buck here, flipping out on there.

And I'm always happy to help people in the military that are getting out people that are already out, I always take time to talk, you know, kind of walk through what your plans are, if you're still in it doesn't matter. You know, we got a huge chart here for active duty and for veterans, you know, because like I said, that was our last for a long time. You know how hard it is.

So thank you for everyone listening that is still silly, and you did it for just serving for being out there protecting us. You know, it's just awesome that people like you and everyone else out there, that's listening that's still serving you. You will give up your freedoms and your family.


Awesome. There's that gratitude.

No, that's super cool. And I don't think we've actually connected on bigger pockets yet, so I'm gonna have to shoot your request after this. I'll make sure so for everyone listening I'll link to our post his email address and the Instagram handle because I like Instagram, especially for houses super convenient just take pictures and post hashtags although took me a long time to get over the whole hashtags are not some weird millennial thing and then someone told me I'm a millennial. You know, I came to terms with that it was like oh, I should start what's the like..


Where were you? Can I ask you on here well we boys do the same thing like I'm like the very oldest of a millennial and it's just really just just chats me that I'm in that category. So I'm like come on man.


90 so I'm like a few years into the end of the mark but I swear you know like I'm an old man soul but I don't, the gin whatever is between x and make genre they're disgruntled service members generation.


Well, people don't know it really serves the military right like dog ears, right? So every year the builder is like three for a normal person. So you know if you've done Tang, you have to have three years to us. You're pretty much 15 years old.


Greatest generation that's what I'm going to claim to identify the greatest.

Alright, anyway, Ah, hey, Dan, I really appreciate having you on here. I think this has been solid. I look forward to next time I'm in Kansas City, which I'm probably gonna be home for, like 30 days this summer, so I'll have to drive up there and say what's up? But I look forward to it.


Yeah, definitely come in.


Yeah, I'll come up there and network and we'll have to. I'm gonna look up that book you recommended for designs too, so I appreciate it.


Yeah, so it has been great. Thanks for having me. This is awesome.


Anytime, brother. Have a good one.


Yeah, man. Take care.

Dan Krupa on The Military Millionaire Podcast

Episode 16 – Dan Krupa

Dan Krupa was in the Army for 13 years prior to becoming a full-time real estate investor!

Dan and his wife are fix and flip investors in the Kansas City area. Occasionally they will hold a property as a rental, but for the most part they focus on being high quality house flippers!

His advice to an E-1/E-2 (18/20-year-old) is:

Have a budget! (don’t just spend freely), and marry smart…getting married is not a decision to be taken lightly, and shouldn’t be 100% an emotion-based decision.

the resource he recommends is:

BiggerPockets forum! (link below).

His big idea/parting advice is:

find a niche, and laser focus on it! Then you can spill over into other real estate niches later.

If you want to reach out to Dan you can find him on Instagram at: @krupa_rev or Email him at dan@reveillehomes.com

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Real Estate Investing: https://amzn.to/2ltPRNm

Real Estate Investing: https://amzn.to/2yxFBNf

Real Estate Investing: https://amzn.to/2IhQ1QI

Building Wealth: https://amzn.to/2ttiwpf

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