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Grant Cardone on The Military Millionaire Podcast

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What's up military millionaires? I'm your host David Pere. And I'm here with my co host Alex Felice, who is hanging out in Belize making me jealous today, but today we have the one and only Uncle G Grant Cardone, the master of all things, TenX on the podcast today.

So I have been following Grant for, I don't know, four or five years enough to the point where my wife used to get mad at me for watching Grant Cardone's YouTube channel laying in bed at night and telling me that I had to pay attention to her. I didn't do that very often. I watched a lot of YouTube videos.

So I have been to his TenX growth conference in Miami, I have gone and read a lot of the books and I'm just a big fan of the marketing platform and real estate and education and everything that he talks about.

So this is just really cool for me. I'm trying not to fanboy too hard. But, Grant, thank you so much for joining us today.


I appreciate you guys having me and opening me or your audience up to me and sharing your audience and thinking enough about me to trust me with your audience.

Appreciate it.

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Absolutely, brother.

So I know, I was looking through some of these pictures, we're gonna cut right to it here.

So I saw the pictures and he sent me pictures of the building or one of the buildings that your new fund is kind of talking about. This is like the sexiest building I think I've ever seen. When I was telling Alex, I was like, Man, this is a beautiful, beautiful property.

So I'd be curious to hear a little bit about the deal and what the fund is.


Well, yeah before we go into that, you know, I was telling you guys before we started that I regretted not being not signing up for the military and doing a couple years. And Alex said, what would you say about a war, a little war goes a long way.?


Little war goes a long way, my friend.


That's crazy man.

Like, you know, the fact that I didn't serve Dude, it feels like I didn't, you know, do my part. And that camaraderie that I see you guys have with one another, those memories, the good and the bad. I'm sure there's a love hate thing going on there. Like everything in life, but you know, at least you know, you pay the price to fight for our freedom. And I just want to thank both of you for doing that.

And, and in saying that, like some of what drives me is, you know, my dad died when I was 10 years old. And I was raised by a single mother. And I couldn't help my mom. And my mom was worried about money every day, there was nothing my mom was worried about more than money talking every day. And she worried about us. But as soon as she worried about us, she's like, something happens, how am I gonna pay for hospitals, cars, car wrecks, jail, my mom had to worry about everything. Food, housing, air conditions, water. And I remember I'm a twin. And my mom used to think that if we would both pits at the same time, it would save her water bill.

And so you know that that was a very defining four or five years for me in my life as a young teenager. And I couldn't help her. So by the time I was 15 years old, I'm like, You know what, one day I told her oneness, and I'm gonna grow up, I'm gonna get rich. Fuck. And I'm gonna help other people. I didn't know what that meant. I just said, it's one of those dumbass things you say, as a kid, you know, I had no idea whether it was $1,000 or 1000 million. I didn't even know what the numbers were.

Well over the last, you know, 35 years man I made that I made what I told her I made come true a couple of times. We have $4 billion worth of real estate assets today. I got a company in there that does $150 million a year of sales over the internet. And I built a massive platform that's getting bigger every single day. And I created this, this investment platform. So people that were just like me when I was 15 years old, just like my mom when I was 15 can now invest in the best trophy, institutional quality cash flow producing real estate available today.

I'll just show you a picture. The picture you're looking at is this.

This deal is $260 million. And just so while everybody's watching this, you cannot fake real estate you can fake a lot of shit in life. You cannot fake you know everybody's fake and filters and shit on online, boobs and butts. And I mean, Alex you know, Alex worked out before this got his little pump on probably.

You wish, you wish this is just all me baby.



You’re right, I'm envious then. And so. You can't fake real estate. That's a real address. It's a you can fake a lot of things like you cannot fake a real a real a real address Las Olas walk Fort Lauderdale, Florida 97% occupied, it'll do five or 6% cash flow in year one. The deals $260 million. It's going to record. It's going to record you know, in a documented public sale. I'm going to put a debt on it of about $180 million on my name. I don't know how many, how many your audience can go get a loan for for an eight ball. And then I'm going to write a check for the other 80 million out of my checking account, buy and close the deal. And then my friends can invest alongside me starting with a total of. Again, I don't know if you got a drumroll over there. $1,000 Okay, $1,000.

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Any family in America, anybody can come up with a grant. I know there's some people, they're like, man, like, I can't even find a grant, anybody can come up with a Grant. You can be broke and come up with a Grant. And what that $1,000 gets them is passive income and investment in a trophy property. This has never been done before by the way, I know you guys think people can invest in real estate like this. There's never been done at this level ever.

This kind of asset, the average family in America, even wealthy families will never get access to this deal.


That's more than rent per month. That's more than the rent per month. Yeah!


Yeah, so the average, the average wealthy family in America would never get that opportunity. I'll even say this. You could be on the fourth of the Forbes 400 list. And never get a chance to buy that deal. And the reason I'm saying that is because wealthy families don't get those deals, who gets those deals is a multi 100 billion dollar institution. And this is something that most Americans don't know. There's the poor, there's poverty, there's poor people. There's the lower middle class, the middle class, the upper middle class, the rich, the super rich, the wealthy, the super wealthy, okay. And then there's a whole nother sector above the super wealthy, called the institutional wealth.

Now I'm talking about trillion dollar companies. Now, I'm not talking about Elon's money. I'm talking about people that could write a check, and cash Elon, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, who can we add in there and worn out with one check? And happens every day. There's two companies on this planet called Blackstone and Vanguard that own $40 trillion of assets. 40 trillion with a tape, I will end up selling this and my entire portfolio to one of these behemoths. And so what I'm doing is I'm not just buying a piece of real estate and saying, I'm gonna sell it for a profit, I'm collecting a portfolio, massive, multi $40 billion real estate portfolio, I'm going to amass a bunch of these together. And then I'm going to go choke out one of these whales.


Grant, you know, I think resonates your style with our community, so much the real estate community, the military community, is you set it with this property is you keep it real as fuck. And that's what military people, that's what draws us together. That's why when you go to a conference, all the military people find each other together, because we're raw. We're real. And I love that, uh, you know, a troop and enlisted guy can come in and buy a piece of this with you. And I think that's why I don't know how much I don't know how much outreach you do with the military community. But I think the styles resonate maybe more deeply than you realize.


Yeah, thank you. And we don't do enough for each we've given, I know that my hero ticket that I gave that I got to you, David. We try to do as much as we can for first responders, military police, firemen. Still don't do enough, but I know like Cardone University, that's a program I've been selling for 40 and $50,000 to companies for 20 years. We give that to the military, Grant Cardone if you go to Cardone University, Cardonesu.com/vets completely free. And the other thing I'll do with anybody that puts in $1,000 from your community, I'll give them a virtual 3day virtual pass to my real my next real estate summit.

So guys, anything I can do to serve the community. I don't do handouts, but I do give handouts. Okay, this vehicle that we've created, I had six lawyers, I met with six lawyers, and an SCC lawyer. And they said our recommendation, you're too high profile. You're on it, you're on social media. You're a fucking noisy guy. Do not do this. And I'm like, Fuck you guys. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it now because you told me not to. So we open this Friday. Friday at four o'clock, today's Tuesday. I guess what's today Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. We had almost $50 million come in in five days.


What's the total raise?


75 million from the non accredited.




So you know it takes, look. The other thing is people that take their time you guys don't understand took me nine months to get this approved. Nine months I've been working on this project, wasted $300,000 in 9 months. Now here's the crazy shit. If I would have made an accredited fund And we have an accredited fund for this too. Okay. It takes me nine minutes to get an approval, and it costs me 10,000 bucks.

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Non accredited investors like herding cats


Well, it's just like, you know, they can't believe they're getting that opportunity because they've been hoodwinked and tricked and fucked so many times.


I was gonna say, so I opened the email, right? And everybody's like, you know, when you hear Grant Cardone that you are your behemoth in the industry, right? You're up there. And I was reading through it, and I was like, Oh, that's a really cool property. What's the opportunity? Baba Baba, Baba $1,000 minimum. And it just, I mean, it totally blew me away. I was like, Holy shit, this is amazing. Like this is exactly what Grant is talking about. This is an opportunity to get into A asset that sexy his shit for enough money that anyone can own a piece of it and have a piece of ownership get into investing. And you know, and the barrier to entry is lower than I've ever seen on a syndication or on a large raise deal by far.


And we got people by, we got people doing one for themselves. One for a kid, one for another kid, one for mom, one for dad, one for Christmas. Like, they're like, I'm gonna do this rather than by a ping pong table.


Grant, is this your plan going forward to deal with more? Micro? Yeah.



Look, I already raised money. I've raised 700 million from rich people. The 50 grand I mean, 500 grand at a time.

So I want to help the little guy. The reason, selfishly, that I want to do this is because I want people praying for me. I want Muslims praying for me, Pentecostals, Baptists. Fucking I want the atheist praying for me. I want transgender praying for me. Like, please just pray for me, okay, I don't care who you pray to or what you pray to, I want to, I want to fucking bet on every God. And I want people to pull in for me. The other thing is, seriously. The other thing is that what happens is when people invest with me, they're more likely to do other stuff with me. When I start sending people money back, and I don't screw people, you're gonna you're gonna go to my conferences, and maybe, hey, maybe in eight years, if I run for president, if I've sent you enough money, you'll probably fucking vote for me too.


Oh, if that's not foreshadowing, but I don't know what is.


He said it right here folks.

This is gonna go viral in eight years.

Man. So I know, I know, you got a lot of things going on today. And obviously, we don't want to steal a ton of your time. I do want to throw it out there. While we're talking about how you align to the military at this very conference where I keep throwing up the ticket. If it's not very, I don't know how much more military you can get than skydiving into a stadium to start an event. But Grant literally dove into the backstage area, which was I well, I don't have the balls to do it. That was not a huge area to land in. That was super cool.


But let me just say that, like if I get a million people to give me $1,000, guys, just so you understand. That's 1 billion in cash.

1 billion in cash, I can buy $4 billion for the real estate. Okay, the 1 billion will pay out $60 million in cash flow to our investors a year.

So every month, every month or every quarter, depending on what deal you're in, boom, you're getting a check, you're getting a check, you're getting a check. You're like shit, I like this guy. The banks don't pay shit. The banks are fucking people so bad right now. They should be lined up and shot. Okay.

The banks don't pay you shit. People invest in their retirement accounts and 401 K's IRAs, they're throwing that money into fucking bullshit mutual funds and stocks. They lie about the performance of these stocks because they just removed them from the they were they take the bad stocks, they just take out of the performance. They get rid of them. And then they say, look, look at how good we did this quarter. You know, they just tweak whatever they have to do to give you the number that you need. So you guys feel safe, but you know, all you're doing is trading paper for another piece of garbage paper.

In this case, what we're doing is trading paper and I would tell every person to listen to this right now. This is a rule I have in my life. And I had nothing. I started with nothing. I didn't tell Donald Trump's Daddy didn't give me any money.

Okay, today when I have a piece of paper, the first thing I tried to do is take and improve the quality of this piece of paper. And the only way to do that is not to save it and it's not to put it in your vault. It's not to turn it into gold, gold is basically useless. It is to take the paper and by building with it that that has little baby pieces of paper and so what I'm trying to do is get rid of cash I've been saying this for 10 years now you guys have heard me said get rid of the ship converted to a building that has little baby Benjamin Franklin's.

20:00 - 22:29


I think both David and I both agree with you. We both have done syndications much smaller than and then this behemoth that you're buying but yeah, we believe it in the same way.

Trade trade cash in an inflationary environment especially with low debt. Cheap debt, buy debt and real assets. To the Moon baby!


To the moon baby. Better than a Doge coin.




Yeah, I mean, maybe maybe the Dogecoin thing happens, maybe the crypto happens, maybe all that Bitcoin and etherium and pet coin and the shit but guys, it's not providing your families with cash flow.


You said something along on the show a while back that really just I used as a catch phrase quite often. It's like there's no technology that's gonna replace the roof.


Nobody, no. Nothing.




So I believe in it. We both love real estate for the same reason. I love the scalability of real estate.


Yeah, yeah, you can't scale it and you can't scale one house at a time. So you guys out there. I know you guys are trying to not not you guys but your audience is trying to find deals by deals it's really hard man it's getting harder to find deals.

So any of your audience that actually wants to throw some money in this deal. I'll include that three day summit you guys got to come to that thing. I'll get you guys a good seat in person here in Miami. December 13,14,15. I love to have you there. The rooms are gonna be 2000 people, real estate investors from all over the country. Great people, everybody they're trying to focus on Hey, how did they get their asset class? So I'd love to have you guys there.


Love to be there.

Where should I put the show notes?





Grant. We appreciate this so much.


Appreciate you guys.


Pleasure talking to you today. Have a great day.


Thanks guys, appreciate it man, enjoy Brazil.






Belize man, shit.




I'll take you with me one day.


Thank you guys. Hey, David, thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate you.


Absolutely, brother. This has been good.




All right. Thanks.

Grant Cardone quote about crypto and cash flow!

Episode 148.5 (bonus)

Grant Cardone

Join your host David Pere and Alex Felice in this extraordinary episode with the legendary Grant Cardone as he talks about the best institutional quality cash flow-producing real estate available today… Even the banks can’t do half of what this sexy building—as described by David—is doing.

After Grant explains how easy it is for him to attract millions and millions from the industry’s most prominent, he speaks on why and how this most recent South Florida project focuses on helping and pulling in the small guys.

In this episode, Grant shares his story on being raised by a single mother, what he’s got in store for the military community in his upcoming real estate summit, his two cents on crypto and tech, and how he makes institutional real estate investments available for everyday investors. So, where will your $1,000 take you?

About Grant Cardone:

Grant Cardone, individually or through Cardone Capital, LLC, manages a multifamily portfolio composed of approximately 10,000 units valued at over $2.7 billion. This portfolio includes investments owned by Grant, family, and friends and investors in the Cardone Equity Funds. Since 2016, Grant and his team have raised over $650 million and now have over 5,000 investors.

Grant has transacted over 70+ transactions totaling over $2.5 billion in commercial real estate transactions in nine states, including Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Maryland. Grant Cardone is also known as one of the New York Times bestselling authors, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.

He has been investing in Multi-Family Real Estate since the mid-1990s.

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:52] Grant Cardone – on being raised by a single mother
  • [03:45] The dumb stuff young Grant used to say that came true
  • [04:57] You cannot fake real estate!
  • [06:24] Passive income and a trophy property for an investment of $1K
  • [07:41] Societal classes, according to Grant Cardone
  • [09:00] Alex Felice – on whether or not military people will resonate with Grant’s style?
  • [12:59] Grant Cardone – Now, I want to help the little guys
  • [14:38] If I can get a million people to give me a thousand dollars…
  • [16:01] Grant Cardone’s rule on money
  • [17:16] Grant’s take on crypto


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