Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount

How would you like to reduce the cost of your renovation materials by 10 percent, instantly? Well, with the Home Depot and Lowe’s Military Discount, you can do exactly that!

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a 10% military discount that can help you reduce any renovation budget immediately. Now, 10% might not seem like a lot, but if you’re doing a $30,000 renovation, and the cost of materials costs even just $5,000 that adds up quickly!

There are a few things you need to know in order to take advantage of these discounts Lowe’s and Home Depot military discounts, and our goal with this article is to equip you to use these discounts to your advantage for years to come! 

These discounts used to exist only on major military holidays, but now they are year round.

Home Depot Military Discount Home Depot Military Discount

I have taken advantage of the Home Depot military discount many times! This discount is offered year-round, and has really helped me over the years.

For example, when I was furnishing my upstairs bedroom to rent on Airbnb I used Home Depot for many of the materials. It was nice to save 10% on these costs, and then be able to write the expense off for taxes too!

How Do I Sign up for Home Depot’s Military Discount?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not have an official registry for this military discount. There is no way to “sign up” for Home Depot’s military discount.

That being said, as long as you have identification on you to show that you are eligible for the military discount, you will receive it while checking out. 

As convenient as an official registry is, Home Depot does make receiving your military discount, easy. 

On top of that, HomeDepot.com offers many sales, and you can find some killer discounts by looking through these discounts too! 

Home Depot’s 10% Military Discount Policy

Here are some details on the Home Depot Military Discount Policy that you should be aware of:

  • 10% Military Discount: This 10% Military discount is valid for purchases up to $500. You can receive as much as $50 off on a single trip to Home Depot! There are some exclusions to this policy like installations, appliances, gift cards, online purchases, etc. but it is still a awesome discount for service members and veterans.
  • Military ID: You need to be able to present a military ID, Veteran ID, DD-214, or other military identification to verify your eligibility for this discount.
  • U.S. Stores: This discount is limited to stores inside the United States, and is offered to all active duty service members, reservists, disabled veterans, and their immediate families. If you are not a disabled veteran you may be limited to major holidays, but it never hurts to ask about this discount while checking out!
  • Timeframe: This discount is offered year-round, but subject to change based on Home Depot’s policy. In addition, if you are a veteran, but not retired or disabled, this may only be limited to major holidays as mentioned before. 
  • Additional Discounts: You can always check the Home Depot website to see what additional discounts are being offered at your local store. There are definitely additional discounts offered over major holidays, make sure you look around!

Lowe’s Military Discount Lowes military discount

The Lowe’s military discount has proven to be a huge benefit to me since moving to Oceanside, CA. 

I live within walking distance of Lowe’s, and have been able to use this discount many times on tools, and materials for my Airbnb guestrooms, and projects around the home!

I absolutely recommend that you take advantage of the Lowe’s military discount, especially if you’re doing any renovations around your home, or for rental properties! 

How do I Sign up for MyLowe’s Program 

  1. Sign up for a MyLowes account here
  2. After you create your account, click the banner under your account settings to verify your military service.
  3. Complete the registration process, to include your name, date of birth, military branch/status, and date of separation. You can leave the separation date blank if you are still in the military.
  4. You should be verified instantly for the MyLowe’s Military Discount. If that isn’t the case, they may ask you to upload some documentation in order to verify your current, or past, military service.
  5. Link your MyLowe’s account with your phone number so that you do not have to carry the MyLowe’s membership card around with you. 

Can Military Family Members get the Lowe’s military Discount?


Your family members can use the phone number that is attached to your MyLowes account. They could also utilize the MyLowes card at checkout in order to access the 10% military discount.

This only applies to the spouse, or dependent children (under 18) of the service member. 

Are There Exceptions to the Lowe’s Military Discount?

As with anything, there are a few exceptions to the Lowe’s military discount program such as:

  • Other offers: The military discount cannot be used with any other coupon, promotion, or markdown, to include price matching. 
  • Cannot Be Applied To: previous purchases, gift cards, or services like installations and assembly, etc. 
  • You Cannot: Redeem this discount for cash, transfer it to ineligible persons, combine it with other discounts, to include management discounts. Other exclusions may apply, so make sure you look at the store details to confirm. 
  • $5,000 Limit: The MyLowes military discount applies to purchases up to $5,000. That is an incredible benefit, especially if you are doing any sort of home renovation, or DIY projects!

Lowe’s 10% military Discount Policy

Here are some details on the Lowe’s Military Discount Policy that you should be aware of:

  • Eligibility: To receive the 10% military discount you must be currently serving in the military or a veteran of the United States armed forces, or the immediate family member of said member. 
  • Eligibility Continued: You must enroll in the MyLowe’s program online, and present your membership card, or the phone number associated with your account, in order to utilize the discount. Also, be prepared to physically verify your military status with an ID card when checking out, as this is Lowe’s policy. 

Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount Eligibility

Here are the main ways to prove your eligibility for the Home Depot and Lowe’s 10% military discounts:

  • Military ID card
  • Veterans ID card

There are other ways that you might be able to prove your service, but the best is with a military ID, or Veterans ID. All other forms of verification might end up subject to the clerks or store managers’ decision. 

Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount Thoughts

Exceptions to the Military Discount

There are exceptions to these discounts as we have already mentioned. 

Some of these exceptions include installations, services, manufacturer limitations, clearance items, or commodities. 

There may also be a dollar limit for discounts, depending on what you are buying.

You may not be able to combine discounts either, so please verify before purchasing large items. 

Sometimes the clerk or management may not know about these discounts, or may say it is unavailable. You can always ask the store manager to see a copy of their military discount policy. Perhaps you don’t have the right kind of military verification they require, or the item you’re purchasing is excluded from the discount. 

Ultimately, a military discount is great, but it isn’t the end of the world to pay full price periodically, so don’t be a dick to the clerk or manager of these stores, haha!

Home Depot & Lowe’s Price Match?

Home Depot and Lowes have a ton of discounts available throughout the year, and great sales. If nothing else, you can always ask about price matching their competitors. 

For additional information, and online discounts feel free to visit their websites lowes.com and homedepot.com

I hope you found this information helpful. The Home Depot and Lowe’s 10% Military Discount is awesome and I hope it helps you save a ton of money on your renovations!

Here is a more comprehensive list of military discounts!

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19 thoughts on “Home Depot Military Discount | 10% off (and Lowe’s too)”

  1. Home Depot has ended their 10% “veteran’s discount.” It has been in place for decades. “Veterans” are not “active military.” The MAJORITY of veterans are men and women who have served the minimum of 2 to 4 years depending on enlistment. The mandatory military draft ended in 1973. I was drafted, and served my full enlistment in the U.S. Marines from 1969-1971 and was honorably discharge. I represent a majority of veterans in the U.S. today. When I first was informed of the veteran’s discount I used a copy of my DD214 or discharge papers as proof that I was an honorably discharged veteran. While this was not listed as a suitable ID for cashiers, they always accepted it, and eventually my state listed my veteran status on my driver’s license, and that was acceptable per Home Depot policy and an example was printed and listed at every cashier stand. I went into Home Depot in Jefferson County, Colorado, and was told the veteran’s discount was ended by “Jenn” an asst. manager. The store is located at: 4277 S Eldridge Street
    Morrison, CO 80465
    I called Home Depot “retail services” at 1-800-466-3337, and spoke to a “Teresa” who was shocked this had happened since she and her husband or career veterans, and transferred me to the “retail services.” That person kept telling me the discount applies to veterans but only on 3 holidays, and active members and career members. I explained I am a member the of majority of veterans and up to now had received a discount. She told me it was a “corporate” decision.
    Now that Home Depot has ended my veteran’s discount, and claims to support veterans which they do not, I will be taking my business (I’m a Pro member) to Lowes, who still overs a 10% veteran’s discount.
    This is very disappointing decision by Home Depot, especially after so many started to boycott Home Depot after it’s CEO donated to the Trump campaign. I’m very disappointed in my Home Depot, which was my go-to retailer for most of my home improvements and other needs

  2. Esequiel Moralez

    Went to home depot, I bought some stuff they didn`t give me my 10% discount,
    they told me I have to be register with home depot and I am. Will you please help me

  3. Anthony L Attkisson

    I am a 26 years active duty RETIRED Army Vet who have received the 10% discount for the last 16 years, and I was told today at my local Home Depot that starting in February 2022, unless I sign-in on line and get approved , that Home Depot will no longer give me the discount. But when I went on line, the information I found stated Home Depot has no way of signing up for the discount ON-LINE! WTF? So, I’ll sign I n to Lowes site, they will honor their word, unlike Home Depot.

    1. I shop at Lowes unless HD is the only option. If you have an IDme account that is what HD checks for background check. Unfartunally both stores enforce a limit on the discount to the first $4000 (HD) / $5000 (Lowes)/ spent during that calendar year .

  4. I got the same run around at home depot. “you have to sign up to receive a 10 % discount. I was given paperwork to assist in doing that. The paper directions take you to a web site that says there is no sign up required.. the QRcode furnished does not work either. I will take my business to Loews from now on.

  5. i was at home depot today. and was told i have to sign up on line to get my vet discount .i try for over 1 hour . no go on getting sign up. will i will be doing all my shopping at lowes. they honor vets. usmc

  6. Retired and 100% disability we have found it difficult to shop at Home depot and Lowes without signingup for 10% discount. Just another tracking device! It becomes even more difficult with only a flip phone. Discovering we are not shopping at either store as often. So sad.

  7. I too cannot sign up for sign up for the 10 percent on line thru Home Depot.com/military/ as the pamphlet tells me. Come on.

  8. We’ve never been HD fans since in years past we have had to argue to receive the 10% discount. Lowe’s and Ace Hardware treat us with respect and we spend our money with them.

    Here is the short version:
    You have to sign up here (https://www.homedepot.com/military/discount), sign into your existing HD account and then it takes you to SheerID so you can be verified through them. This takes 5-15 minutes for completion. *NOTE-spouse has to create a separate account.

    In order to receive your discount in store, you have to be “verified” first through SheerID and you MUST show your Virtual ID on your HD mobile app. So if you don’t have a smart phone or their APP even after you verified with SheerID, you won’t receive an in-store discount.

    Discount is only for select in-stock purchases made by eligible participants.

    Exclusions (not very clear on which “select items” or “some commodity products”)-The Home Depot Military Discount cannot be applied to select items, services and fees, including, but not limited to, some commodity products (including lumber, wire, building materials), value priced merchandise, appliances, tool rental fees, labor items, gift cards and services including freight and delivery. There is a $400 maximum annual discount which resets each calendar year.

    If you want to read the full version: https://www.homedepot.com/c/military

  9. I was told that lowes or Home Depot doesn’t offer a discount on lumber major appliances and most building materials. Which in my opinion are the things that you go to those stores to buy.

  10. Thomas J. Riehle

    Went this morning to Home Depot and was told only virtual id will be approved.
    Lowes has my phone number on record and always allow my discount. I will travel the extra distance next time. In today’s world 10% makes a lot of difference.


    Spent five hours trying to register for the Military discount to no avail. It really sucks You must have a PHD in order to register. Perhaps the Better Business Bureau can help me?

    1. No joke right?!?? I still don’t have mine because I’m a reservist, and I said I’m a reservist now…but the new reservist ID’s just say “active” so their verification people are like “WRONG!!!” …go away dude, I’m clearly still serving.

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