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Jay Helms operates the popular Facebook group “Real Estate investing for the W2 employee.” He and I have similar demographics, and have inadvertently begun to cross-pollinate by appearing on each others videos, and content! He is a stand-up guy, and I love what he is doing!

Jay Helms recently recorded a podcast with me and in it he gave such a great answer about time management that I decided to turn his nine points into an article!

How Jay makes time for real estate investing!

Here are some great points for scheduling your time to maximize success in your W2 job and your side-hustle that Jay and I discussed!

The key to time management is block scheduling. This means that you schedule your time in chunks. For example, 60-minutes to workout, 30-minutes to edit a video, 45-minutes to write an article and 15-minutes of downtime. Block scheduling is an effective way to manage tasks and I need to get more effective at utilizing it!

Get your spouse on board!

Elena Cardone delivered an awesome speech about this topic at the 10X Growth Conference in Miami earlier this month. She said that spouses waste so much energy and time quarreling over petty issues. Yelling at each other about the trash doesn't benefit anyone!

Jay hit the nail on the head about the importance of spouse involvement. You must be on the same team in order to understand the long hours and hard work required to build an empire!

Become incredibly organized!

This means you need to plan! You should sit down at the beginning of every week and plan out the entire week, in detail. Having daily, weekly, monthly, and annual plans in order to attain your goals will give you a huge advantage!

Find 1-2 hours to work on your side-hustle

This is why I wake up at 0400 every morning. I have from 0415-0645 to work on my side-hustle before I ever go to work!

You don't have to wake up at 0400 though. It could be late at night, lunch break, whatever works for you…just do it!

More information on my morning routine

Do the most dreaded task first!

I need to work on this!

If you do the most important/dreaded task first then no matter what happens throughout the day, you accomplished the big item on the agenda!

Get comfortable with saying “No”

I'm working on this, but it isn't easy. There is an art to saying no to items without seeming rude.

This is important because there are only so many hours in a day. Do you want to spend the day doing tasks that aren't moving the needle forward for you or your business…?

Be open to course corrections

Life changes. People change. Goals change. You need to be willing, and able, to embrace change when it is necessary!

Evaluate your circle – your network = your net worth!

Here's the deal, not all of your friends/family members are worth spending time with.

I know this sounds harsh, but if they aren't supportive, and helping you grow, cut your time with them. You don't need to cut them entirely out of your life, but you need to spend time with people that will help you advance!

The more high-level people you get around, the more high-level you will become!

Read, network, mastermind – make time!

Make time to learn, and network, with people that have similar goals.

Make time to learn, and network, with people that have already been where you want to go!

That's it, find a way, and make time for it!

More information on networking

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Here we go! Living in your comfort zone won't help you accomplish anything.

When you workout it hurts because you're literally tearing the muscles apart in order for them to grow. In much the same way you need to tear yourself apart looking for ways to improve!

To here Jay answer this, check out podcast Episode: 20

The conclusion to Jay Helms (of W2 Capitalist) points

At the time of writing this Jay doesn't know how valuable I thought his answer to this question was.

That being said, he hit the nail on the head. It isn't easy to become super-efficient, and learn how to balance a full-time job with a side-hustle, and investing in real estate…but it is doable if you set your mind to it!

Check out Jay Helms website!

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