In this modern era, it is becoming more critical to understand how you learn best, and how to teach yourself new concepts. Today's post will discuss 6 techniques that I utilize to learn real estate investing, and other new concepts!

Learning how to learn is a skill much like those listed here that can pay dividends throughout your life!


Audible is the platform that started it all for me! This app allows you to listen to audiobooks which is a great way to learn from a book.

Advantages: Doesn't require purchasing books. Don't have to carry a book around. Great for auditory learners!

Disadvantages: Can not highlight important passages. You can bookmark on the app, but that is sort of a pain.

How I utilize this platform: I love Audible because it allows me to listen to books while commuting to/from work, or running errands. I can also listen to books while I run, cycle, or lounge around the house. I will generally listen to a book on Audible, and if it is exceptional I will proceed to order the hardcopy book (which I'll talk about in a moment).

Below is my first (ever) affiliate link! If you are interested in testing Audible out they allow a free trial which allows you to download two books in the first 30 days for free! I recommend checking it out because it might change your life, it certainly changed mine!!!


Old-fashioned as they may seem, books are still an extremely effective method of learning!

Advantages: Reading a book is best for the visual learners, and will greatly improve comprehension of the subject matter. You can also go to town with a highlighter, and pen to take notes of important passages (provided that you own the book). Reading a book is best for visual learners.

Disadvantages: The reason I prefer Audible is that you can't read a physical book while driving (don't try it). It's also inconvenient to carry a book around with you.

How I utilize this platform: As mentioned earlier if I like a book enough on Audible I will purchase the hard copy and read it again. I will highlight all of the critical passages.

After finishing the book I will immediately (the next morning) go back and read the entire book again, but only the highlighted passages! This three-pronged system has been an extremely effective method for me to learn new concepts!


Podcasts are the equivalent of what public radio used to be, but without being restricted to a specific location. The major benefit that podcasts bring is that you can listen to specific shows and episodes whenever you want. Unlike public radio, you don't have to wait for airtime in order to listen to the show you want!

Advantages: Much like Audible, podcasts can be listened to while driving, running, lounging…anywhere! Podcasts generally consist of 30-90 minute interview, and you can pick and choose what you listen to!

Disadvantages: Some podcast platforms make it difficult to pick up where you left off in the middle of a podcast which can be frustrating.

How I utilize this platform: My preferred time for listening to podcasts is either while on a long run/cycling, or watching on YouTube at night on the Television (thank you firestick!)

*Shameless Plug* I was recently on the Bigger Pockets Podcast (show 281)


YouTube is one of my secret weapons of learning! I utilize YouTube videos to confirm understanding or clarify a topic. For example, I wanted to learn how to create quality thumbnails for my YouTube channel, and I found a plethora of videos on this subject!

It is extremely easy to watch a video, attempt what was taught, and go back to rewatch as needed to successfully master the skill, or complete the task!

Advantages: YouTube is a great option for both the visual and auditory learner! YouTube is a great way to see how the pros are doing whatever task you want to learn!

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of YouTube is that it takes a little more attention, and you can't watch it while driving etc.

How I utilize this platform: I utilize YouTube to learn new tasks and confirm how to complete tasks. For example this week I have watched videos about creating landing pages, automated email marketing, creating better thumbnails, how to use my Canon t5i camera for shooting video, etc.

YouTube is an extremely effective method to learn new skills, and it is my favorite for watching how to knock out specific tasks!

*Shameless Plug (again)* Here is my YouTube Channel!


Advantages: Lots of experts that are eager to answer your questions, and offer free guidance!

Disadvantages: Requires more time to read through posts, and follow the thread of people answering your questions…must wait for people to answer.

How I utilize this platform: I utilize forums like BiggerPockets to ask for advice on very specific, and subjective questions. If the answer is black/white google will have the answer, but if it is a matter of opinions then forums are the way to go!


Advantages: Building relationships, partnerships, and credibility

Disadvantages: It takes time to attend meet-ups, one-on-one meetings, and build relationships.

How I utilize this platform: Networking is one of my favorite ways to learn and grow as a person. “You don't know, what you don't know” is a phrase that fits networking. You would be amazed at the amount of information you'll gain from networking events.

I host a real estate investor meet-up every month, and I always leave the event with tons of contacts and information that I didn't know prior!

Your wealth is equal to the average of the five people you spend the most time with. For this reason, you must surround yourself with quality, driven people in order to set yourself up for success!

Summary – How to Learn real estate investing

The public school teaches you a little about a lot and gives you the baseline knowledge required for life. After high school/college, too many of us fall into the trap of “being done with education.”

This is extremely harmful to your well being in life! Samuel Johnson once said that “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” I think this is a mindset that will set you up for success in life.

Don't ask questions that could be answered quickly with the use of a little critical thinking!

I used these principles to learn real estate investing by reading books and writing down questions they brought up. I would then turn to YouTube, forums, and networking to answer these questions and move onto the next subject! Your mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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