Ep. 240: Matt Gjertsen’s Positively Enlightening Insights on the Power of First Principles Thinking and Military Training

Matt Gjertsen
Episode: 240

Matt Gjertsen

It's easy to overlook the unique skill sets honed in the military when transitioning to the corporate or entrepreneurial landscape. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that these skills, particularly in training and development, offer a competitive edge in business. 

Matt Gjertsen is the founder and chief learning officer of Better Every Day Studios, a consultancy focused on delivering learning solutions that deliver business results. He began his instructional career in the US Air Force as an instructor pilot, after which he became manager of training and development for SpaceX, and has gone on to work with numerous startups across multiple industries.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Recognize the significant advantage military professionals bring to the corporate world due to their hands-on experience with high-standard, regimen-based training.
  • The methodology of breaking down problems into fundamental principles, free from pre-existing assumptions, to foster innovation and prevent bureaucratic growth in organizations.
  • Understand how tools like mixed reality headsets and AI integration can create immersive and customized training experiences, reshaping the future of organizational training.
  • Shift focus from knowledge transfer to behavioral changes for improved business performance
  • And so much more!


01:18 Discussing Work Environment at SpaceX

03:18 Matt's Journey from Military to SpaceX

05:30 Transition to Entrepreneurship and Training Development

09:01 Exciting Technological Advances

17:40 Understanding First Principles Thinking

22:31 The Role of a Partner in Decision Making

23:09 The Importance of First Principles in Interviewing

23:39 Understanding Unconscious Biases

24:05 The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Fixing What's Not Right

24:27 First Principles Thinking in Business Ideation

25:13 The Inevitability of Bureaucracy in Growing Companies

26:09 The Need for Regular Evaluation of Business Processes

26:44 The Impact of Growth on Organizational Processes

27:24 Improving Business Performance by Improving Behavior

27:32 The Power of Behavior-Based Learning

29:23 The Role of Behavior in Organizational Culture

34:46 The Mission of Better Day Studios

41:49 The Value of Military Training Experience in the Corporate World


Favorite Quote:

If we just always set goals that are, we are almost unachievable, then that's how we can, that's how we know we're pushing absolutely as hard as we can. – Matt Gjertsen


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