Ep. 247: Susie Noakes on Real Estate and Wealth Building Coaching Call

Susie Noakes

Susie Noakes

In this episode of the Military Millionaire podcast, David Paré engages in a coaching call with Susie Noakes, a member from the Facebook group.

The conversation explores Susie's real estate investing journey, focusing on her success with a short-term rental property and her plans to purchase a new property across the street for similar use. Through a candid discussion, David offers insights into mortgage strategies, refinancing options, and the potential of co-living spaces. They discuss the impacts of VA loans, the importance of strategic investment, and the potential for financial freedom through real estate. Susie shares her practical experiences and plans, making for an educational episode for veterans, service members, and their families interested in wealth building through entrepreneurship and real estate investing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Valuable insights into managing mortgages, leveraging VA loans, and maximizing unique military benefits for real estate investing. 
  • The importance of taking initiative and leveraging available resources to achieve financial goals.
  • How interest rate reductions and refinancing strategies highlights the potential impact on investment trajectories, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making.
  • And so much more!


00:00:40 Introducing Susie: A Real Estate Coaching Call

00:02:28 Susie's Real Estate Journey: From Long-Term Rentals to Airbnb Success

00:05:02 Exploring Co-Living and Maximizing Property Cash Flow

00:11:23 Navigating Mortgages, Refinancing, and VA Loans

00:16:36 Strategies for Selling Properties and Maximizing Returns

00:30:28 Expanding Real Estate Ventures and Future Plans


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My name is David Pere, I am an active duty Marine, and have realized that service members and the working class use the phrase “I don't get paid enough” entirely too often. The reality is that most often our financial situation is self-inflicted. After having success with real estate investing, I started From Military to Millionaire to teach personal finance and real estate investing to service members and the working class. As a result, I have helped many of my readers increase their savings gap and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom!

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