Vet Tix – Free Tickets for Veterans

Vet Tix – Free Tickets for Veterans

Vet Tix offers tickets to the event that relieve stress, reinforce family relationships, create life-long celebrations, and inspire service members and veterans to remain involved in their communities and in American life.

After and during their years of service to the country, vet tix support the soldiers by honoring their service by providing positive family and life and experiences. Vet Tix sells tickets to all branches of the current military and veterans and immediate family members of soldiers killed in action.

Tickets to sports activities, concerts, musical theatre, cultural, and family activities are all available through Vet Tix. Online registration is required for Vet Tix members.

They double-check the services of those signing up for tickets. Vet Tix users make requests for tickets to events that they are interested in, then pay a small shipping fee to get their free tickets. The military faces special challenges in terms of stress and sacrifice. Mostly during war periods, 16.6 million veterans served. 3.6 million Veterans have disabilities as a result of their service.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, 2.5 million service members have served. Almost a million people have participated in multiple deployments. Almost 52,000 Americans have been injured in wars and operations since 2002, with over 1,500 becoming people with disabilities and over 6,800 killed in action. Vet tix want to pay tribute to and applaud those who have served and given so much.

The veterans' emotional and physical wounds from war will last for the rest of their lives. Vet tix believes that giving to these veterans and assisting them in reintegrating into their families and communities is a thank-you gift that we should all participate in.

The Aim of Vet Tix

Read below the aims behind establishing Vet Tix!

1.    Patriotism

Vet tix believe that Patriotism is a feeling of pride in one's honor and gratitude to those who have served in the United States of America  VTF's unwavering commitment to the military, veterans, and their families is the cornerstone of the organization.

2.    Recognition

Vet tix believes that the yellow ribbon on your car shows support; however, taking a veteran and their family to a game is a true expression of gratitude.

3.    Quality of Life

Vet tix believes that they would contribute to their service members' pursuit of happiness because they struggled and sacrificed for our lives and liberty.

4.    Family

Families are extremely important to service members. Vet tix encourages mutual interests that generate lasting memories to strengthen family bonds.

What Vettix Wants to Accomplish?

Vettix is a firm believer that not just on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or the Fourth of July, but every day, we must honor our troops, veterans, and first responders.

By offering free and discounted tickets to events, the Veteran Ticket Foundation encourages public gratitude to American heroes. Veterans, including the 7% of the population who have served in the military and the 1% who are currently serving, as well as the 2.25 million first responders, face special stress, sacrifice, and time away from family.

The overwhelming number of soldiers have served in times of war.   Yet, in order to honor their service, these veterans have restricted access to charity contributions. Army discounts are either insignificant or infrequent. Since most soldiers do not have a military ID card, they are not eligible for discounts. Furthermore, the average football game or concert for a family of four costs over $500. As a result, many events are simply out of reach for most families. These All-American moments are the perfect opportunity to thank and honor the veterans.

They provide beneficial social resettlement and great bonding opportunities with the family and a token of appreciation for their time spent serving. In honor of their service to their country, Vettix strives to provide each veteran with a free event. The Veteran Tickets Foundation wants to thank the veterans for their service and sacrifice by helping them in their search for happiness.

Organizations Key Strategies for Achieving their Aims

Peace and leisure are indisputable benefits to one's health and well-being. The goal of happiness was proclaimed an inalienable human right by the founding fathers of the Texas foundation. To support the veterans in this vital mission, vet tix offer free and discounted tickets to sporting events, concerts, theatre, and a variety of other community events, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with their families. Since they feel that service is a shared burden and should be a shared experience of fun and acknowledgment,

Any active service or honorably discharged veteran from any branch of the military is eligible for this award. Vettix has developed a technology to administer ticket contributions and enable veterans to claim tickets after checking a veteran's service. Tickets are delivered directly to military bases or sold online using a scaled algorithm, lottery, and first-come, first-served basis.

They are constantly working to secure tickets to new, high-demand events and markets. They support our Hero's Wish program, which enables recently deployed, injured, and KIA veterans and their families to ask a one-time dream wish, which can be even a trip to Disneyland.

They're working on implementing “Heroes of the Game” recognition events in the most populated regions. By contacts at military bases, veteran groups, and social media, vet tix continue to reach veterans.

Capabilities of the Organization to Achieve their Aim

The Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix/1st Tix) is the only organization that holds events in every state for all army and first responders departments. The foundation is run by committed veterans devoted to honoring army duty and the sacrifices made by first responders.

They have developed their own software to manage their mission with precision. They can match veterans/first responders with activities all over the country, thanks to the vet tix website. Since their inception in 2008, they have given away over 5,870,000 tickets.

They continue to expand each year, adding new sports teams and event types to their ticket inventory. They have built close working relationships with MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA teams, and also festival producers and actors and musicians to ensure that tickets to a wide range of events are always available.

What Has Vet Tix Achieved So Far?

Veteran Tickets Foundation gave over 3.0 Million in 2019 and concluded the year with over 9.2 Million given away. They have 1,550,000 users worldwide, and about 1200 new registrations are created every day. In the next two years, they hope to exceed the number of users and tickets granted.

They will keep donating tickets to army facilities, but they are working to extend website usage so that veterans can choose the event(s) that interest them the most. Hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders remain to be reached and honored.


Vet Tix is doing a great job, very different from the mainstream charitable organizations or the kinds of organizations we normally see. The foundation aims to involve the veterans in the community life after they have served for years and may feel isolated in the normal, real world.

These people have given up most of their lives serving the country in order to make sure that the citizens are safe at home. Many lost their lives; many lost their arms, legs, eyes, ears, and whatnot. Vet tix aims to make these people feel at home and ensure that they never feel isolated.

The founding fathers have had great aim and the idea of honoring these veterans in offering them free tickets to such amazing events where it's even hard to get tickets by paying full price, let alone getting tickets for free. It will help the veterans and their families normalize living a normal life without the sword of war and battle and posting hanging over their heads. It helps in a new beginning for them.

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3 thoughts on “Vet Tix – Free Tickets for Veterans”

  1. I wonder why your lead was a blatant lie?!? You obviously KNOW #VETTIX SELLS FREE TICKETS TO VETS. They essentially sell all of the Veterans information to teams now as a way to make even more profit! They are profiteers, not Patriots to set the record straight! Selling FREE TICKETS, is NOT a handling charge either BTW, that is like adding any hidden charges, UNAMERICAN!!! They also SHIT upon my First Amendment Freedom of Speech, and I will post the link. In doing so they failed to follow their OWN RULES for closing an account…

    I am an Honorably Discharged 100% T&P Disabled Army Military Police Officer, a Soldier For Life, but banned from VETTIX for posting a video on my Own Youtube channel, that they found then banned me for life!!! I went from E-1 to E-4 in a scant 15 months, well before Army regulations allowed. Earning a number of awards, medals, and accomadations. My Promotion points were far beyong requirements, and then became disabled… I was a super trooper Army-Athlete before then. I am 60 years old now, have PTSD, Severe Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder, and Chronic nerve pain as well as pain from two crushed vertebrate. I am a high risk for suicide, and YES I did get, GREAT therapy from Vettix. They used to be FREE, FREE TOO!!! I was using Vettix as a way to reconnect and stay connected with family and friends!!! I took my 20 year old daughters to concerts, football games, Hockey, Baseball…ALL FREE!!! Even after the “Handling Charge.” Which was actually a charge to make sure people claimed the tickets they ordered. But it did not work. Most of the tickets I got I got at the last chance posting, AFTER others failed to claim the ones they won. So they lied to you if they told you it was a handling charge. ALL Vettix handles are Free Tickets, and Veterans Money!!! Now to be fair. I did say words about desiring to close my account if they continued to sell our info to teams that provide tickets. I did NOT commit ANY violation of Vettix rules yet with no chance of a hearing or an appeal I, A SOLDIER FOR LIFE, AM BANNED FOR LIFE??? HOW COMMUNIST THESE “PATRIOTS” REALLY, REALLY ARE!!! This is JUST AN ADDITIONAL FEE!!! We should not have our data sold, and pay a fee, that is Capitalism, NOT Patriotism… At 60 I am after the Computer age. I have a pinched nerve in my dominant arm, so typing is very, very painful. This game I was trying to take a son of a fellow Vet who had just lost his Father, a Viet-Nam Vet!!! SO tell VETTIX Say hello to Brandon…They banned me FOR LIFE! Because I used my First Amendment CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS TO TELL VETERANS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY USED MY FREE SPEECH TO SCREW ME FOR LIFE WITH NO DUE PROCESS OR APPEAL. EVEN COMMUNISTS AREN’T THAT BAD!!!

    1. I’m sorry for this, but that sounds like an issue to take up with VetTix, I’ve never heard this before from anybody else. Also, idk what you’re referring to as a “blatant lie”, could you be more specific? From my understanding all of the information in this article is research from their site.

  2. I think this is awesome. THANKYOU for helping my fellow Veterans. We need more organizations like yours in this nation. To help the ones still on the streets also. I’m not there yet but with inflation I know how rough it is for me. Thanks again. Pat Baynes Marine and Navy Veteran.

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