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The 4 Best Real Estate CRM’s for Investors in 2021

There are a ton of real estate CRMs on the market. 

Before I ever began investing in real estate, I learned how to use a CRM on recruiting duty. We had this system called Marine Corps Recruiting Systems (MCRS) that we used to keep tabs on everybody we contacted about joining the Marine Corps. Now, as any good recruiter knows, this system was a nightmare to work with. I’m here to tell you that a good CRM is a game changer!

I have now used several different free and paid CRMs as a real estate investor, and they have made a huge difference in my real estate game!

What is a Real Estate CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool for keeping track of leads in your business. Have you ever bumped into somebody a year down the road and discovered that they used another real estate agent to sell their home (replace agent/home with whatever profession you’re in)? 

If you have experienced this, then I’m sure you realize the importance of following up with clients and leads. 

A good CRM will not only track every interaction you have with your leads but also remind you to follow up with them, or even automate the follow up process until they respond or make it to the end of your pipeline. 

These CRMs can easily create tens of thousands of dollars worth of revenue in your business just by ensuring you don’t forget about people in your pipeline.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate CRM?

Without a consistent, automated follow up system, you will inevitably let deals slide by unnoticed. On recruiting duty, we are taught that situations change every 90 days with people. That means a seller who wasn’t quite motivated enough to sell to you today might be ready in 90 days or 180 or a year, etc. 

For this reason, you absolutely must follow up with leads periodically to see how things are going for them. 

A good CRM helps keep you on track with automatic follow ups and reminders to follow up in person. It will help you remember all of the conversations that took place and all of the developments along the way. 

No matter how well you can keep track of all the people you’re talking to, there will come a time when your business grows too big. Eventually you will have to have a CRM in order to keep track of your leads, and I promise it is easier to build these systems now and grow into them than it is to scramble to put them in place once you start losing deals. 

The Best Real Estate Investor CRM

There are a lot of different CRM options out there. Some are better than others for what you’re looking to do, but it is ultimately up to you to determine which CRM best fits your needs. 

Best Free Real Estate CRM – HubSpot best real estate CRM - Hubspot

I use HubSpot to keep track of the people I refer to lenders and agents. This allows me to follow up throughout the process and ensure that the professionals I’m recommending are holding up to my expectations. 

I like to follow up with people, and at this time HubSpot has proven to be the best tool for keeping tabs on this process. 

It is very simple and free to use for your first process, which is great. If you need an easy-to-use tool for tracking items as they move along a pipeline, HubSpot might be perfect for you!

My Favorite Paid CRM for Real Estate Investors – REsimpli The Best Real Estate CRM - ReSimpli

REsimpli is another customer relationship management (CRM) software that I personally use. This one is specifically organized to work with real estate (hence the “RE” in REsimpli haha), and I have found it extremely helpful for several reasons!

First, REsimpli gives you 5 free phone numbers to track. This allows you to see where your leads are coming from. For example, I have one for direct mailouts, text-blasting, in-person/business cards, website, etc. You can even have these calls automatically forward to a call center if you desire.

You can also set up automatic drip campaigns with text messages, ringless voicemails, reminders for manual follow-ups, etc. I have this set up for several different types of follow-up campaigns.

The list-stacking feature allows you to upload several lists over time and ensure that you aren’t mailing to duplicates. This also helps if you had previously marked an address as return to sender (RTS) and then you pull another list and that person/address is on the new list. With list-stacking, it won’t duplicate this name/address, so you don’t have to worry about mailing again to an address that has obviously proven to be invalid!

Another benefit to REsimpli is the great KPI-tracking capability that helps you see the strengths and weaknesses in your lead follow-up game.

It has built-in accounting software to tie everything in your business together too.

There is automated task management to track your systems and processes in order to hold your team accountable.

REsimpli is also a project management tool that can be used to create scopes of work, upload files, and manage your timelines and budgets for projects if you desire!

To put it simply, REsimpli is a great all-around tool for tracking and converting your leads. 

In fact, I have a friend who spent over $200,000 building a custom Podio setup for his business and team. He tested out REsimpli and has since switched everything over to operating with them! That spoke volumes to me, and it was at his recommendation that I tried REsimpli for the first time. I am becoming a huge fan of it!

Use this link to get a free X-day trial of REsimpli today!

Best CRM for Courses – best CRM for real estate investors -

If you are thinking of building out a checklist for an online course or mastermind program, might be the perfect option for you!

I first used when I joined Ryan Dossey’s real estate mastermind Create Cash Flow

Each week they have action steps that you need to take before moving on to the following week. These action steps are posted on as a professional-looking checklist. Each item has a box where you can mark the task as pending, scheduled, or completed. Additionally, there is a notes section where Ryan and his team put additional support for that task, such as links to external sources or videos to explain in greater detail how to execute that task. 

I have been a fan of how simple this platform is for keeping me on track with the action items in this program and will certainly utilize it on some of my future endeavors as well!

Podio real estate CRM for investor - Podio

Podio was at one point the end-all-be-all for real estate CRMs. I’ve had several friends who spent a lot of money building out their setups on Podio and had a lot of success. 

One of my friends is extremely organized and used Podio to build out an incredibly sophisticated “if this, then that” lead flow setup and marketing platform. 

Podio is certainly a viable option as a CRM, and a lot of people use it successfully. I personally have not used Podio before, but I wanted to mention it here because I know several people who do and love it!

Final Thoughts On The Best Real Estate CRM

The best CRM for real estate ultimately depends on how much money you want to spend and what metrics you want to track. I’m a huge fan of REsimpli as a CRM for marketing and managing my off-market leads. I haven’t found anything as simple to set up as this before and would absolutely recommend it as an all-inclusive option for your real estate business. 

If you’re looking for a free CRM, HubSpot might meet your needs for a little while. However,  if you need more than one lead-flow, you will have to upgrade to a paid account. 

I hope this helped you decide on the best real estate investor CRM for you, and I look forward to hearing about how these platforms are working for you!

If there is another CRM you absolutely love, leave the name of it in the comments so I can take a gander! 

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9 thoughts on “The 4 Best Real Estate CRM’s for Investors in 2021”

  1. David,

    I started looking into this today, and came across your post. Not only am I looking for properties to buy, but I’m also trying to grow my list of private lenders. will RESIMPLI allow you to make multiple campaign lists so that I could use it for both? I just signed up for a demo, and was told they have someone who works with RE Investors. I’ll do the same with RESimpli and check it out before I make a decision.

    1. You can make multiple lists of contacts, and I’m sure you could easily build a list of private lenders. Although I personally use a different CRM for that kind of stuff.

  2. i am looking for a CRM software that i can use to find leads for i.e.vacant prop. w/ out of town or state owners or any other number of leads. (probate, divorce,liens etc). then when i get leads i can quickly hit a skip trace button and get phone # and or emails then contact owner through text and fairly quickly get a response and a yes or no if they want to sell. would be nice if you could do follow ups using the program marketing arm. Freedomsoft offers these types of features. they are the most expensive of all (197.00 mo.) i have seen and their skip trace is .49 each which seems much higher than others. if you have ideas on any software all-in-one would be greatly appreciated. this is not my comfort zone. thanks

    1. Dan,
      That seems exceedingly high. I pay $97/month for Propstream, and $0.12 per skip trace, and it does most of that. Also, REsimpli is less expensive, and does incredible as a CRM, although if I was to use REsimpli alone, I would probably use skip-genie for skip tracing. Happy to send you my affiliate/discount link for either if you’d like to check them out!

      1. Hi David-Appreciate your article. Set up a demo with REsimpli for next week. Just a few questions. REsimpli advertises that they offer skip tracing with their platform. Do you not using their skip tracing that is provided with the REsimpli platform? I already have Skip-Genie. You mentioned Propstream above is that similar to Property Radar(although Property Radar included phone numbers for free)? Thank you in advance for your help.

        1. From what I hear Skip-Genie is the way to go–unless you are doing massive volume, and can justify something like Versium, where I’m paying $0.02/record, but you have to purchase 180k records haha

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you for your feedback. I did do the demo with RESimpli and it $199.00 for 5 users, 10 phone numbers with limited usage, list stacking, it appears only bulk email and texting for buyers(I do not understand fully why it does not include the sellers), etc. Does this sound about right? I have copied the costs below. Appreciate any feedback you have as I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of different options.

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