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REsimpli 2021

What is REsimpli?

REsimpli is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is specifically built for real estate investors.

I have been using REsimpli for a few months now, and I have been extremely impressed by this CRM so far!

When somebody calls in to my company, or fills out the contact form on the website I build to generate Off-Market Deals, REsimpli tracks where the lead came from, and makes it easy to track data for my marketing.

This CRM has allowed me to accurately track the influx of leads responding my marketing. I absolutely love this platform, and here are some of the main reasons I think you could benefit from using REsimpli!

As a side note, I used Investor Carrot to build the aforementioned website, and it is already generating motivated seller leads within just a couple of months!

REsimpli Gives you 5 Free Phone Numbers!

As I already mentioned briefly REsimpli gives you five free phone numbers to use for lead gen.

This allows you to see where you’re leads are coming from. I, for example, have one for direct-mailouts, text blasting, in-person/business cards, website, and Advertisements. Whenever somebody calls the phone number, they saw on that particular marketing source and calls in, REsimpli will immediately log the source of the call according to the phone number that was used.

This makes it easy to determine which marketing source is getting you the most bang for your buck!

You can also have these calls automatically forward to a call-center if you desire. I am currently utilizing Call Porter to handle my inbound calls, and I love this setup so far! They will receive the call – no matter which phone number the call came in from – and talk to the potential seller for me.

There is a lead intake form on REsimpli that they will fill out with information about the seller, and then they will even schedule an appointment on my calendar so that I can call the potential seller to discuss their situation more, and move the process along!

Drip Campaigns

You can set up automatic drip campaigns with text-messages, ringless voicemails, reminders for manual follow-ups, etc.

I have this setup for several different types of follow up campaigns now, and it is nice to be able to set them up on an automatic follow up process.

Having automated drip campaigns allows me to stay in the forefront of that potential sellers mind, and ensure that if they do decide to sell their home, we will be the first person they contact.

List Stacking on REsimpli

List stacking allows you to upload several lists overtime and ensure that you aren’t mailing to duplicates. This also helps if you had previously marked an address as return to sender (RTS) and then you pull another list, and that person/address is on the new list.

With list-stacking it won’t duplicate this name/address, so you don’t have to worry about mailing to an address that has obviously proven to be invalid more than once!

Key Performance Indicators

Has great KPI-tracking capability to help you see the strengths and weaknesses in your lead follow up game

Some of these metrics include:

  • Revenue tracker
  • Deals goal tracker
  • Marketing Channel Performance
  • Lead source(s)
  • Lead and deal flow over the last 12 months
  • Marketing ROI comparison
  • Marketing spend vs. Revenue
  • Messages sent
  • Number of calls

As you can see, the KPI tracking ability that REsimpli has will make it much easier to keep your business on the right path.

Not only that, but it will allow you to see what marketing source is returning the most profit per dollar you spend, which is very beneficial.

With this information you can double down on the best marketing source, and really crank out some profit.


It has built in accounting software to tie everything in your business together too.

This accounting software is what makes the KPI tracking so accurate, so make sure you update the money you’re spending on marketing sources in order to get the most accurate data readouts.

Task management

There is automated task management to track your systems and processes in order to hold your team accountable

REsimpli is also a project management tool, which can be used to create scopes of work, upload files, and manage your timelines and budgets for projects if you should desire!

Should You Use REsimpli in 2021?

Put it simply, REsimpli is a great, all-around tool for tracking, and converting, your leads.

In fact, I have a friend who spent over $200,000 building a custom Podio setup for his business and team. He tested out REsimpli, and has since switched everything over to operating with them! That spoke volumes to me, and it was at his recommendation that I tried REsimpli for the first time. I am becoming a huge fan of it!

REsimpli is a tool that I wish I had been using sooner in my real estate investing journey. I am a big fan of how easy it has made tracking my leads, and data points.

Depending on how much marketing you are doing this may not be necessary for you, but if you’re doing any volume of marketing to find off-market deals, I absolutely recommend this platform.

In addition, off-market deals are where the money is. You can never go wrong learning how to source your own deals at a discount!

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Use REsimpli in 2021”

  1. How are you using resimpli numbers to track website leads and sms leads? Is theee a way to have a sim mission trigger a call so you know leads source?

    1. REsimpli provides you with 5 phone numbers for your account. You can identify each number as a lead source, and then use that number on the marketing. For example, I have a number on all of my direct mailers, and a different number on my Facebook and Google Ads. Whichever number they call in from, is how they get identified!

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