My Appearance on BiggerPockets Podcast (Show 281)

BiggerPockets has changed my life!

My Appearance on BiggerPockets Podcast (show 281)

BiggerPockets is without a doubt one of the most influential websites I have ever visited. I became a pro member in mid-2016 (after a compelling webinar led by Brandon Turner).

Having a pro membership allows me to utilize their various tools such as the rental property calculator. I use these tools regularly, and thoroughly enjoy the PDF report that I can print/share with potential lenders or partners. This also makes it easier to show the wifey what kind of property I want to spend our money on!

The BP Community

The most beneficial thing about BiggerPockets is the community (if you know how I feel about networking I'm sure this isn't surprising). The forum is full of extremely knowledgeable and helpful investors that have already been where you are. Any time I have a subjective question I post it on Bigger Pockets and I get a solid pro/con list to base my decision on!

The BiggerPockets blog is also full of solid information that is written by anyone from the average joe to famous authors!

The BiggerPockets Podcast

The Bigger Pockets Podcast has been instrumental in my real estate investing success! I still haven't managed to listen to every episode, but I've listened to at least 100 of them!

Recently I had the privilege of being a guest on this podcast (how cool is that?!??). I never imagined that within three years of discovering BiggerPockets I would be able to participate in their podcast, and I am truly humbled at this opportunity! [I start at around the 1:14 mark (hr/min)].

Appearing on this podcast has done great things for our growing community! We have received a ton of emails, followers on Instagram, and new visitors to the blog! It is very rewarding to see the number of military, public service, and investors that have reached out to introduce themselves. I look forward to learning, teaching, and working with each and every one of you as the opportunities present themselves!

My Appearance on BiggerPockets Podcast

This is another example of what can happen when you take action. I was nervous to be a guest on this podcast because I didn't think I was on par with any of the other guests I've learned from throughout the years. Saying yes to being a guest has proven to be a great decision, despite the initial fear involved in accepting the invitation!

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