I used to belong to the crowd of people that says they “hate reading.” I have since learned that the truth is I just hadn't read anything life-changing yet! In high school, I read the required “classics” and although some of them are good reads, I never took anything tangible away from them. It wasn't until I listened to Rich Dad Poor Dad on Audible that I decided to become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Since that time I have listened to at least two books every month and read one or two as well. I even took a three-hour course in order to increase my reading comprehension and speed! One might say I have become obsessed with reading personal development and investing books.

It is so bad that I don't like people commuting with me because it detracts from my time to listen to podcasts and Audible!

I wanted to share a few of the books that have played a large role in my journey to become a millionaire real estate investor! I am certain that you will take something valuable away from each and every one of these books.

*Disclaimer* The below links are affiliate links, but I believe in these books so much that I am willing to put my reputation out there for them!

Real Estate Specific

The Book on Rental Property Investing By Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is the face of Bigger-Pockets real estate forum. This forum is a huge resource in itself, but they also have an in-house publisher and have produced several of the amazing books on this list!

This is one of, if not the first real estate investing book that I would recommend to anybody that is interested in owning rental properties that produce passive income (cash-flow). Brandon does an excellent job of guiding the reader into the world of cash-flowing rental property investing, but never strays from the path of integrity.

The author ensures there is no expectation set for “get rich quick” schemes or visions of grandeur. Getting wealthy through rental property investing takes time, but if you read this book, and follow the methods explained it can replace your income over time!

I would recommend this book to anybody wanting to earn cash-flow and passive income through real estate investing!

Long-Distance Real Estate Investing By David Greene

Read these 9 books to become a millionaire real estate investor

This book has quickly become one of my favorites!

David Greene is a Law Enforcement Officer gone Real Estate Investor…and now Author! He fits into our community perfectly and has become proof that real estate investing is not just for people with 6-figure salaries!

This book is a lifesaver for anybody thinking about buying real estate out of the city/state they live in! I was able to put some of these strategies to use immediately in order to streamline my business.

I would recommend this book to anybody interested in learning how to invest out of state, or interested in using technology in order to streamline their systems!

The Book on Investing in Real Estate With No (and low) Money Down By Brandon Turner

This book has saved me a fortune!

Seriously though, the creative financing techniques discussed in this book are directly responsible for us purchasing an apartment building for only 5% down! This book does a good job of discussing creative financing without eluding to the fact that purchasing “zero-down homes” is easy! I think this book does an excellent job discussing loan and financing options.

I recommend this book to anybody who understands that finding a good deal is the most critical part of investing. The financing will fall into place if the deal is good enough!

ABC's of Real Estate Investing By Ken McElroy

I read this book at the early stages of my journey to become a millionaire real estate investor. I think it is a very good book to read when you are starting to learn, and I just purchased the authors' book on advanced real estate investing. I'm eager to read it too!

I recommend this book for every entry-level real estate investor!

Millionaire Real Estate Investor By Gary Keller

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a great book written by one of the founders of Keller Williams. Gary has also written The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Which has become a guide-book for real estate agents.

It is clear that Gary has extensive knowledge about the real estate world, and he shares some great investment knowledge in this book!

I recommend this book after completing your first deal, and looking to grow your portfolio in the future!

Financial Independence

Set For Life By Scott Trench

This is one of my favorite finance books period! Scott Trench is young, brilliant, and a Rugger (brownie points if you know what that is)!

I especially like that the first third of this book talks about saving money but from a different viewpoint. Scott focuses on retaining the income you are already making before trying to earn more income. The strategies that he discusses for accomplishing this are very straight forward, and unique!

I enthusiastically recommend this book for anybody saving money for their first real estate investment!

Mindset/Personal Development Books

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

This is the number one book I recommend to anybody! I recommend this book to people whether they want to learn about investing or not. This book set me on a life-changing course and I consider it single-handedly responsible for all of the other investment books I have read. I could talk about this book for a long time, but just go read it!

I recommend this book for EVERYONE!

The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason

This is an older book and set in ancient times. I like this book because it discusses the mindset of paying yourself first in a simple, comprehensible way. This book is the reason I have a large allotment set aside to fund my business every month.

I recommend this book to anybody looking to help shift their mindset in regards to putting money away for future investments!

Never Split the Difference By Chris Voss

This book saved my $3,000 the same month I read it!!!

This is an excellent book about negotiating and a lot of the techniques it teaches are instantly applicable to negotiating deals!

I recommend this book to anyone that plans to write a lot of offers in order to increase their initial profit!

Actionable Steps – Read These 9 books to become a millionaire real estate investor!

Go read more, learn more, do more!

I wish that I had started investing in real estate at a much younger age. I wish that I had discovered books like this when I was in high school. Unfortunately, I probably still wouldn't have found myself reading as much as I should, but thankfully I corrected that mindset.

Some of the greatest advice I ever got was in regards to reading. I was told to download Audible in order to listen to books during my commute. That advice has allowed me to read at least 20 extra books a year! On average, I listen to at least two books a month on Audible which has drastically changed my lifestyle!

For more awesome book reviews check out my YouTube channel for 2-minute book reviews!

If you haven't used Audible before I would recommend you give it a shot! If you click the link below you can get your first book for free! Go listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad and become the next millionaire real estate investor!

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