Three Ways to Control Your Finances

control your finances

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Being in the military means that you have something that many people don’t have – job security. Having job security and a steady source of income gives you the freedom to make more of your money. The trouble is that a steady income and job security can make you take your money for granted. If you want to become a military millionaire, you need to stop taking your regular income and job security for granted right now!

Taking advantage of your secure military career and regular income will enable you to start bringing home the big bucks. Do you want to have the best possible retirement? Do you want to boost your income right now? Or do you want to leave the military knowing that you have all the money that you need to have the life of your dreams? If so, then now is the time to take action and take control of your finances.

To get control of your finances, you need to focus on three areas; saving money, investing your money, and how you spend money. But first, you need to understand where your finances are at right now. Going through your monthly expenditure and working out how much you spend can be a shock, especially if you don’t typically keep a close eye on your spending. Knowing how much money you spend, and what you are spending it on is vital if you are going to take control of your finances.


Once you know how much you are spending each month, it’s time to start trimming down those expenses and seeing where you can save money. Making better financial choices may not sound fun, but it is surprising how much of a difference it can make in the longterm. Saving $10 here and there soon adds up, especially if that is money that’s usually wasted. 

Saving money on your energy bills is a great place to start when cutting down your expenses, switching deals can equal significant savings. 


If you’re new to investing, it can sound like it will be a complicated thing to start doing. In truth, it can be as simple or complicated as you make it – the main thing is to get started on doing it! There are tons of ways to invest your money from investing in crypto markets using platforms like through choosing more traditional approaches to invest your money, such as property investment. You simply need to find the investments that suit your risk level.

Spending – Control Your Finances

Do you need to get your hands on the latest phone on the day that it comes out? Do you need a car that is bigger and better (and more expensive) than everyone else’s? The answer is, of course, a big fat NO! Spending money for the sake of spending money is always a bad idea, especially if you are only doing it to look good. Sacrificing some extravagant spending right now and investing instead is a much smarter choice.

Control Your Finances

The ability to control your finances is very important. I know a lot of people who say that they will learn to manage their money when they have a lot of it. This is simply the wrong answer. If you don't learn how to control your finances now, you will never have a lot of money to manage!

Trust me, you want to learn how to control your finances right now. That way you will build wealth quickly and without as much of a risk of losing it all later!

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