How to get started real estate investing

How to get started real estate investing – Learn!

The most common question I get asked is “How to get started real estate investing” and the answer is to use these three simple steps! If you take these three steps everything will fall into place!

How to get started real estate investing


Books changed my life! Reading about successful persons accomplishments can teach you so much.

Instead of spending your lifetime learning things the hard way, why not pick up a book and learn the life lessons from someone else's mistakes?

For a list of my top 9 must-read books click HERE


If Google doesn't have the answer, nobody does!

Seriously, it is time to stop asking simple questions, turn to your phone/computer and answer them yourself. There is literally no barrier to answering your own questions online!

If you have a real estate investing question that you can't find answers to, let me know and I'll get you an answer!

For more information on how to use Google efficiently check out my in-depth review of Google's advanced search capabilities!


Podcasts are a great way to hear high-level achievers interviewed, and opening up to give some great advice! I absolutely love listening to podcasts while I'm running, cycling, or working around the house.

The best real estate investing podcast (in my opinion) is the BiggerPockets Podcast. I am not just saying that because I've been a guest either, they really are great!

*for a list of my podcast appearances go to the Start Here page*


I have replaced the majority of my television with YouTube videos at night! Why? I can search for specific topics I want to learn about, and fall asleep learning new skills!

This was especially valuable to me while I was building this website. I laid in bed at night watching videos on search engine optimization (SEO), formatting, marketing, etc… Often, I will search for answers for questions on Google. I prefer to watch YouTube videos in order to learn how to perform tasks.

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Another great way to learn is by attending networking meetups, but I'll cover that more in a moment!

How to get started real estate investing – Network!

“Your network is your net worth” is a popular phrase thrown around. I would give credit to the person who originally started this, but Google has several people quoted as having made this statement. That means it is even more true (in my opinion)!

My point is that you need to upgrade your network in order to spend time with people that are going places. Spending time with negative-Nancy will only hold you back in life!


If you don't have a local Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) in your area or local meetups, START ONE! I can't tell you how much this has helped my real estate investing journey. Getting around high-caliber people once a month, week, or more often will pay dividends along your journey to master the game!

coffee! (or beer)

Seriously, one on one networking is huge!

Another awesome strategy I use is to go to a local coffee shop and tell a bunch of people to come hang out and talk real estate if they're available. This is a good way to network more closely with several people, and also maximizes your time by meeting with more than one person a day!

I also love coffee, and beer, so that is an extra bonus!

How to get started real estate investing – Take action!

The most important step to learn anything is to just start.

I believe that if you never take action the other two steps we're a waste of time. Getting off the couch and taking action will open the floodgates to your real education, and potential.

I would hate to see you sitting on the sidelines stuck in “analysis-paralysis” and never reaching your true potential!

Get Started Real Estate Investing | TL;DR

Learn, Network, Take action!

That is the simplest breakdown of what I believe it takes to become successful at anything in life!

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