Grow Your Dough Throwdown

The Grow Your Dough Throwdown – Courtesy of Jeff Rose!

What is the $1,000 Grow Your Dough Throwdown?

Grow Your Dough Throwdown
Jeff Rose – Good Financial Cents (blog)

The Grow Your Dough Throwdown is a challenge for YouTubers in the personal finance community. We will take $1,000 of our own money and invest it in our niche.

The goal is to see how much money we can earn with just our original $1k investment by December 31, 2019.

My Dilemma

The majority of participants will be growing their dough through investing with stocks, bonds, index funds, etc. That isn't really my niche, and I didn't want to try and outpace the stock market.

However, buying a property with only $1,000 is not an easy feat, especially when I currently live in Hawaii.

For these reasons I had almost decided I was not going to participate in the Throwdown this year. After all, it is better to stay in my niche, than to lose money playing another mans game…right?

The Solution

That is until I was surfing with Doug Nordman yesterday and talking to him about my decision to bow-out.

Then it clicked…wait a minute, nobody said I had to invest in a particular manner. I've always enjoyed being the oddball, why not use that to my advantage in this challenge?

Doug and I talked about several unorthodox methods I could use to make this money work for me.

The Strategy

My strategy for this year is two-fold.

  1. I plan to build wealth by using my $1,000 to purchase and sell garage-sale items. Depending on how this goes I may find other oddball strategies to utilize.
  2. I plan to use the money I have accrued (and no additional capital) in order to purchase a duplex, triplex, or four-plex. This will take place after I execute orders and move back to the mainland this summer. I will count The cash-flow received, or mortgage covered, by renters as the return on investment for my original $1,000!

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The Competition

David Pere (ME) – From Military To Millionaire

Jeff Rose – hosting the 2019 Grow Your Dough Throwdown.

Joseph Hogue – A fellow Marine!

Graham Stephen – A fellow Real Estate Investor!

Sarah Wilson – Budget Girl

Ryan Scribner – Investing Simple

Nate O-brien – Investing, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance

Bob Lotich – SeedTime Money

Allison and Matt Owen – Owen Your Future

Marko Z – WhiteBoard Finance

Will Armstrong – personal finance

Justine Nelson – Debt Free Millenials

Tela Holcomb – Stock Market tutorials

Antonio – B.A.B.Y. (Be A Better You)

Grow Your Dough Challenge Monthly Updates!

at the end of every month I will update this article to show where I stand.


Starting balance: $1,000

Ending balance: $1242.42

Total number of items pending sale: 16!


Starting balance: $1242.42

Ending balance: $

Total number of items pending sale:

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