Steve Trang

Ep 235: Steve Trang’s Role Alignment and Self-Awareness to Achieving Business Success

Steve Trang
Achieving Business Success: Role Alignment and Self-Awareness with Steve Trang

Episode: 235

Steve Trang

In the world of real estate sales and entrepreneurship, success depends on understanding oneself and aligning roles with individual strengths. But what happens when a high-I personality type clashes with the need for objectivity in closing deals? Find out how this conflict unfolds, leaving the character in a precarious situation that could make or break their success.

Steve Trang, a formidable figure in real estate, excels as a sales coach and top trainer, enabling numerous clients to achieve multimillion-dollar sales. Beyond coaching, he thrives as a real estate investor with a diverse property portfolio. What truly distinguishes Steve is his commitment to education, evident in his Real Estate Disruptors movement and podcast, where he imparts valuable insights for sales excellence. Rooted in a belief in helping others succeed, Steve's dedication and practical guidance make him an invaluable resource for those striving to enhance sales skills and attain business success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master real estate sales and entrepreneurship for success in today's market.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances to thrive in real estate and entrepreneurship.
  • Overcome the unique challenges of the present real estate landscape.
  • Embrace diverse perspectives to gain a competitive edge in sales.
  • Uncover the significance of thought-provoking questions in real estate success.
  • And so much more!


00:00:00 – Introduction to Steve Trang and the Science of Sales
00:03:12 – Steve Trang's Best Real Estate Deal
00:06:23 – Getting Creative with Real Estate Transactions
00:08:24 – Steve Trang's Journey into Real Estate
00:12:28 – Becoming a Sales Trainer
00:13:12 – Taking Action on Advice
00:14:08 – Starting a Podcast
00:15:28 – Trademarking and Lessons Learned
00:19:20 – Wholesaling and Risks
00:25:58 – The Importance of Recognizing Veterans
00:26:39 – Financial Education in the Military
00:27:01 – A Navy SEAL's Sacrifices
00:27:55 – Appreciating Simple Luxuries
00:28:19 – Using Predictive Index Tests for Hiring
00:38:34 – How to Get Ahead in Real Estate
00:39:23 – Using Landmines in Real Estate
00:41:30 – Creating 100 Millionaires 

Favorite Quote:

“Investing in real estate is like following the social media trend. Before Instagram was big, it was ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad'. So let's invest in real estate.” – Steve Trang

How to Connect with Steve Trang:

Steve Trang is your guide to real estate disruption and success. Explore his website at for a treasure trove of real estate strategies and valuable insights.

For a visual journey into his experiences and expert advice, follow him on Instagram at and subscribe to his YouTube channel,

Connect with Steve on a professional level through LinkedIn at

For direct inquiries and collaboration opportunities, shoot him an email at

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