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Most of the Military veterans are struggling with debt obligations in our country. They are facing dire financial circumstances while paying off their debts. However, it is good news for the veterans that they can consider a va debt consolidation loan backed by the Veterans Administration to become debt free. There are many benefits to get a Military Debt Consolidation, But before getting the loan, you should understand if this type of loan is right for you.

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How VA debt consolidation loan provides relief for the struggling veterans

Reports suggest that there are many veterans who are going through adverse financial circumstances and are finding it difficult to make their monthly payments on their home loans, credit cards, and auto loans. If you’re a veteran who has fallen behind on his monthly debt obligations, VA debt consolidation loan is here to help you. You can soon become a debt-free person by consolidating your unpaid unsecured loans. Also, there are some ways VA debt consolidation loan helps veterans to pay off their debts.

Restructure their high-interest obligations to a single payment

The VA debt consolidation loan gives the veterans the golden opportunity to consolidate all his unpaid monthly obligations into a single monthly payment. As you take out a VA debt consolidation loan, you can alter your repayment procedure and start making a single monthly payment to the loan.

Lower interest rates and monthly payments

With the low-interest rates on the VA debt consolidation loan, it becomes easier for the veterans to repay their loans. As the monthly payments are also lowered, they can even save a considerable amount of money.

Affordable monthly payments

For the veterans, the VA debt consolidation loan allows you to borrow money equivalent to 100% of the equity that you’ve accumulated in your home. This can be a good borrowing option for all those veterans who have accumulated a huge amount of equity in their homes.If you’ve accrued an overwhelmingly large amount of unsecured debts, you can easily consolidate them through a VA debt consolidation loan. You can take a single loan with low-interest rates and consolidate your multiple unsecured debts. This will make the monthly payments affordable and you can soon pay off your debts with revised monthly payments.

Brings back mental peace

By consolidating your home equity loan, home equity line of credit, car loans, and credit card debt, you can bring back mental peace and lead a debt free life.

VA home loan refinance – How does it benefit the veterans?

Veterans all over the country have some significant advantage over the other borrowers when it comes to refinancing their home loans. When any veteran is struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments, they can go for two options, home loan modification and refinancing their home loans. The US government has always thought about the former service members and has offered them quite a few options when they were found to be going through financial trauma.

Whether you just want to lower the monthly mortgage payments or you want a lump sum amount of money for other expenditure, VA home refinance loan will always offer you a cost-effective solution. There are many veterans who take VA loans when they need debt consolidation help as it allows you to get out of debt sooner. The following financing options are available through VA only and you can use it according to your financial needs.

VA streamline refinance loan

This is the best home loan refinance product in the lending market currently. If you’re struggling with your monthly mortgage payments, you can take a VA streamline refinance loan to get attractive interest rate and flexible terms making the veteran benefit by altered monthly payments according to your affordability. The overall borrowing cost will also be less if you take out a streamline refinance loan. The eligibility criteria for obtaining the VA streamline refinance loans is also very lenient making it easier for the veterans to qualify for the loan. The credit scores of the borrowers will not be taken into consideration by the lenders while lending the loan.

VA home improvement loan

One purpose of refinancing your home loan is to improve their living conditions through the money that they receive from refinancing. If you’ve enough equity in your home, you can borrow up to 90% of the value of your home at a low rate and use that money in renovating your home. This is an added benefit of the VA loans as the interest rate will be considerably low for the veterans.

VA refinance relief loans

With the recent real estate crisis, there are many households that are facing diminished home values due to the crisis in the US real estate market. VA refinance relief is a loan product that is specifically designed to meet the demands of the troubled homeowners and allows the veterans to refinance their non-VA loans that had not-so-attractive terms and conditions. The VA refinance relief loan is available to qualified veterans and active-duty members and is a viable option for those veterans who do not have equity in their homes due to the real estate crash.

Therefore, a veteran and who is looking for ways to refinance the home loan can consider the VA home loan refinance options. This is certainly a better way to repay your mortgage than going for a home loan modification. You can easily qualify for the number of options mentioned above to retain your homeownership rights and repay your mortgage loan with ease.

On the other hand, veterans who want to consolidate their monthly obligations can certainly take out a VA debt consolidation loan to become debt-free. 

Author: Patrica Sanders 

VA Debt Consolidation author: Patrica Sanders


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