How to Use REsimpli in the Lead Management Process: From Acquisition to Closing

How to Use REsimpli in the Lead Management Process: From Acquisition to Closing

Lead management is essentially the whole job of a real estate professional, which can make the concept a little daunting. Knowing how to navigate the process from lead acquisition to closing a contract once and for all is no easy task, with there being multiple steps that you have to take before seeing a name on the dotted line. This article showcases how to use REsimpli in the lead management process, and why it is my favorite real estate investing CRM!

Thankfully, there’s a real estate CRM software that can make the process a lot more streamlined and simple – REsimpli. While we shared a video guide on this recently, this blog breaks down the process from start to contract closing in an easy-to-digest way. 

1. Lead Acquisition and Initial Contact

Lead Routing with REsimpli

Of course, before lead management can begin, leads must be acquired. This is when you actually capture a prospect and make them into a lead, whether through a drip email campaign, direct mail marketing, SEO content, SMS messaging, or cold calling. In whatever way you acquired said lead, their details will be directly routed into REsimpli.

Once they land in your software, every lead will be sorted into either a “No Contact Made” or “Contact Made” folder, depending on whether you’ve made direct contact with them. For example, any leads acquired from direct mail, email, or SMS marketing will land in the “Contact Made” pocket.

2. Lead Routing

The Lead Qualification Process with REsimpli

If a lead chooses to make initial contact with a phone call, REsimpli can also work as a call-routing service. We, for example, use our own Call Portal, meaning calls can either be sent directly to you or to your answering service. If the call is answered, the lead’s information can be properly collected, then the next stage can begin. However, if the caller hangs up the line before the call is answered, the lead will be sent back to the “No Contact Made” category.

3. The Lead Qualification Process

After a lead has made true contact and had their details taken, the next key step is the process of lead qualification. Whether you’re part of a larger team or working alone, someone has to now evaluate the details of the lead in comparison to the information offered up by the seller of a property.

Lead qualification is focused on deciding whether a lead is truly likely to become a client, based on the details of the home being sold/bought, how much the lead is willing to spend/wants to ask for, and their active interest in buying/selling. A shoddy lead qualification can lead to masses of wasted time, so make sure that this step is completed as carefully as possible.

Part of the lead qualification process is carefully reviewing each lead in relation to the seller/buyer. For example, if a lead has a super-high asking price for their property, much higher than the estimated value, this could be considered an unqualified lead.

4. Scheduling an Appointment / Agent Referral / Dead Leading

Scheduling an Appointment / Agent Referral / Dead Leading

Once you’ve qualified the lead, it’s time to set up a face-to-face appointment, meaning you can really start the selling process in a more tangible way. If you manage to set an appointment with the lead, you can move them across the dashboard to the “Appointment Set” pile, including all of the details of your meeting.

If the lead isn’t qualified but has still an interest in buying property, you can move them to the “Agent Referral” section. Thankfully, REsimpli features a user-friendly dashboard, making the sorting of leads easier than ever. 

When you move a lead to the agent referral section, they could still be considered a “Warm Lead”, meaning that they might be worth referring to another agent, or keeping on the back burner for a future opportunity. On the other hand, you might find that some unqualified leads simply aren’t right for your business, or even for referrals. In this case, you can easily shift the lead into your “Dead Lead Category” – this means even though they’re not going to be an active collaborator in your process, you can still keep their information to one side to refer to in future situations. 

5. Navigating the Appointment Stage

Navigating the Appointment Stage

Once you’ve established contact and your decided that a lead is worthy of an appointment, it’s time to ensure that such a meeting really takes place. A lot of potential clients end up cancelling or simply not showing up, which is where REsimpli’s lead management tools come in handy. 

With REsimpli, setting up effective real estate drip campaigns is easier than ever, with a multitude of automated follow-up options available right at your fingertips. If a lead either doesn’t show up or chooses to cancel a lead, you can simply place them in a “No Show Drip Campaign”, which will send through automated follow-ups in the format that you choose. This can often result in leads once thought lost coming back to reschedule their appointments!

6. Making Offers and Contract Negotiations

After the one stage REsimpli can’t guide you through, the in-person interview, it’s time to use your real estate software again. It’s here that you can officially make an offer. After you’ve put the offer forward, it’s up to the seller/buyer to accept, and if they do, the lead will move automatically to the “Under Contract” stage.

If the offer isn’t accepted, then the lead will either have to be moved back to the “Appointment Set” section or the “Dead Lead” pile, depending on the nature of the response.

7. Managing Offers and Closing Deals

Now that you’ve had an offer accepted, it’s time to think about the all-important contact closing. In a wholesale deal, you can send the listing over to your cash buyer and wait for them to respond. In the other case of receiving a solid offer from your lead, you then move said lead to the “Assigned to Buyer” Section.

8. Finalizing the Contract with REsimpli

Finally, it’s all about making sure that every party is happy with the final draft of the contract. However, if the right offer doesn’t come through or someone backs out, REsimpli gives you the chance to keep the deal alive, with a section set aside for when Renegotiations take place. Otherwise, move the lead to the “Dead Lead” Section and start again. 

Finalizing the Contract with REsimpli

9. Contract Closing and Aftermath

Contract Closing and Aftermath

Once the contract is closed, shift that lead over to your “Sold” pile. And there you have it – a completed process of selling a house as a real estate agent. 

How to Use REsimpli – Conclusion

REsimpli Helps Real Estate Investors Close More Deals!

Proper lead management is the name of the game when it comes to real estate. With the right strategy, you can go a long way, but really you need the right tools to put that strategy into action. That’s where a solid real estate CRM software like REsimpli comes in, being an easy-use base of operations that can cause your efficiency and success rate to skyrocket. 

With a simple interface for a variety of advanced features, it’s the only choice when it comes to CRM for lead management in real estate. Whether you’re in the early stages of acquisition or closing a contract, this system makes the process easy to keep a handle on.

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