Steve Sims on The Military Millionaire Podcast


Steve Sims on The Military Millionaire Podcast


Steve Sims

Do you ever feel like achieving your biggest dreams is impossible? In this episode of From Military to Millionaire, Dave interviews Steve Sims, a man who's made a career out of turning the impossible into reality. From organizing private dinners at the feet of Michelangelo's David to connecting clients with their favorite celebrities, Steve has a unique ability to turn far-fetched ideas into reality.

Steve Sims is a former bricklayer from East London who's now known as one of the world's top connectors and event planners. He's the author of two books, Bluefishing and Go for Stupid, both of which offer insights into his unique approach to business and life. In this episode, Steve shares his personal story of how he went from a blue-collar background to a career working with some of the world's most influential people. He also offers tips on effective communication and the impact it can have on your personal and professional success.

In this podcast, Dave and

, Steve offers valuable insights into the mindset and habits required to turn your biggest ideas into reality. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply looking to achieve more in your personal life, this episode is not to be missed!

What you’ll learn: Why one must join Steve’s upcoming event, Introvert to Influence. How does Steve Sims' unique approach to goal-setting help individuals overcome fear and self-imposed limitations to achieve their most audacious goals? Why is effective communication such a crucial component of achieving your goals, and how can individuals improve their communication skills to achieve success? What are the key habits of successful people, and how can we incorporate them into our own lives to achieve our most ambitious dreams? How to speak on stage, even as an introvert? And much more!

Have you ever wondered how introverts can unlock their full potential and thrive in a world that seems designed for extroverts? When it comes to unlocking the hidden potential of introverts, few people have had more success than Steve Sims. As a renowned entrepreneur and public speaker, Steve has spent years exploring the strengths of introversion and leveraging them for success in the business world. By focusing on communication and embracing his true nature, Steve has become a true example of how introverts can thrive in a world that often seems tailored to extroverts.

Introverts have long been misunderstood, with many people assuming they're shy, lacking in leadership skills, and so much more! However, Steve Sims' journey is a testament to the fact that introverts cannot only excel in these areas but also possess a set of innate qualities that make them uniquely suited for success. By diving into the world of introversion, we'll explore the misconceptions surrounding this personality trait and reveal the true superpowers that lie beneath the surface. Through Steve's experiences and expertise, we'll uncover the secrets to harnessing these strengths and making them work for you.

In today's highly connected world, effective communication is more important than ever before. Whether you're building a business, nurturing relationships, or trying to make a difference in your community, being able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly is essential. For introverts, mastering communication may seem like a daunting task, but with Steve Sims' guidance and a little practice, it's entirely achievable. 

Quote: “If you're not afraid, you're not dreaming big enough.”

Steve Sims You can reach out to Steve Sims and learn more about his work by visiting his website

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My name is David Pere, I am an active-duty Marine and have realized that service members and the working class use the phrase “I don't get paid enough” entirely too often. The reality is that most often our financial situation is self-inflicted. After having success with real estate investing, I started From Military to Millionaire to teach personal finance and real estate investing to service members and the working class. As a result, I have helped many of my readers increase their savings gap, and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom!

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